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Dr. Bart

Students in the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University benefit greatly from the availability of a wide range of courses related to inorganic chemistry, including core classes in main group and transition metal chemistry, group theory and spectroscopy, organometallic chemistry and catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry, and kinetics, as well as other areas of chemistry. The wide diversity of classes reflect the broad range of specialties and research interests of our faculty. Through individual choice from amongst such courses, students tailor their education to their own interests, thereby obtaining the expertise required in this growing area of chemistry.

Additionally, we host a weekly seminar presented by distinguished visitors and graduate students. The graduate student seminars relate either to their doctoral research or an exciting new development in the inorganic chemistry literature. This seminar series ensures that graduate students are up to date with the latest advances across the broad spectrum of inorganic chemistry, an essential base of knowledge for today's job market.