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Inorganic Resources

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Inorganic Division Awards

Rothwell Travel Award: Recognizes graduate students for their outstanding research accomplishments and subsidizes travel to a national chemistry conference. Applications will typically be open in January-February of each year. Application Guidelines (PDF)

Rothwell Seminar Award: Recognizes a third-year graduate student for giving the best literature seminar that year.

Original Proposal (Candidacy Exam)

All graduate students will write and defend an original proposal during their third year in order to advance to candidacy. Here are some resources to help you in this process.

NIH Proposal Format (PDF)

Prof. Wilker's OP Survival Guide (PDF)

First-year Course Recommendations

First-year graduate students should register for three courses each semester.

Fall Semester

  • CHM64100: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry; 3CR
  • CHM64400: Solid State Chemistry; 3CR
  • CHM64800: Bioinorganic Chemistry; 3CR
  • CHM65100: Advanced Organic Chemistry; 3CR 
  • CHM56000: Organic Spectroscopic Analysis; 3CR
  • CHM62000: Spectrochemical Instrumentation; 3CR
  • CHM69600: Chemistry of Polymers; 3CR

Spring Semester

  • CHM64200: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry; 3CR
  • CHM64700: Transition Metal and Organometallic Chemistry; 3CR
  • CHM66800: Physical Organic Chemistry; 3CR
  • CHM69600-006: X-ray Crystallography; 3CR