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Jonathan Schlebach

Jonathan Schlebach

Research in the Schlebach lab is focused on the biochemical and biophysical aspects of integral membrane protein biosynthesis, folding, and misfolding in the cell. Our laboratory utilizes an interdisciplinary array of biochemical, cellular, and computational techniques in order to gain mechanistic insights into the key reactions that modulate cellular protein homeostasis and to determine how they factor into the molecular mechanisms of evolution and disease. We are also adapting these tools and perspectives to develop and target new precision therapeutics for various genetic diseases including cystic fibrosis, retinitis pigmentosa, and cerebral creatine deficiency syndrome.


  • BS, Biochemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • PhD, Biophysics (PULSe program), Purdue University
  • Postdoc, Biophysics and Structural Biology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center


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