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Alfaro, Mr. ClintPh.D.Cooks, GrahamDevelopment Of Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry For Intraoperative Cancer Diagnostics And Surgical Margin Assessment2018-2019
Adhikari, Mr. SarjuPh.D.McLuckey, ScottRadical Chemistry And Mass Spectrometry For Enhanced Biomolecule Analysis2018-2019
Biechele-Speziale, Mr. JohnM.S.Claridge, ShelleyThe Effect Of Water Molecules On Headgroup Orientation And Self- Assembly Properties Of Non-Covalently Templated Phospholipids.2018-2019
Bui, Ms. YenPh.D.Slipchenko, LyudmilaAutomation Of The Virtual Workbench: A Protocol For The Entry Of Big Data Within A Chemical Domain2018-2019
Cardona, Ms. MelissaPh.D.Yang, ChenDesigning And Understanding Hematite Based Nanomaterials For Solar Energy Applications2018-2019
Coughlin, Mr. EzraPh.D.Bart, SuzanneFacilitating Multi-Electron Chemistry In The F-Block Using Iminoquinone Ligands2018-2019
Ding, Ms. ChangqinPh.D.Simpson, GarthPolarization-Enabled Multidimensional Optical Microscopy2018-2019
Dong, Mr. XuemingPh.D.Kenttamaa, HilkkaDevelopment Of Tandem Mass Spectrometric Methods For Characterizing Asphaltenes And Differentiating Small Organic Isomers2018-2019
Haymour, Ms. HananPh.D.Shah, KavitaIdentification Of Novel Substrates For AURKA And LIMK22018-2019
Hoq, Mr. Md RejaulM.S.Thompson, DavidDevelopment Of Affinity Grid Materials For Cryoelctronic Microscopy2018-2019
Irby, Mr. StefanPh.D.Anderson, TrevorEvaluation of a Novel Biochemistry Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE)2018-2019
Jaman, Ms. ZiniaPh.D.Thompson, DavidHigh Throughput Experimentation As A Guide To The Continuous Flow Synthesis Of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients2018-2019
Jawad, Ms. KhadijaPh.D.Zwier, TimothyThe UV Spectroscopy Of 3-Phenyl-2-Propynenitrile And Its Methylated Derivatives2018-2019
Jeffery, Ms. KathleenPh.D.Anderson, TrevorExpert Explanations Of Protein-Folding And Dynamics Research: Implications For Biochemistry Instruction2018-2019
Kyei-Baffour, Mr. KwakuPh.D.Dai, MingjiDevelopment Of Aryl Isonitriles As Antimicrobial Agents, And Total Synthesis Of 17-Nor-Excelsinidine2018-2019
Li, Mr. ZhePh.D.Mao, ChengdeEngineered 3D DNA Crystals: Characterization, Stabilization And Applications2018-2019
Liu, Mr. LongfeiPh.D.Mao, ChengdeDNA Self-Assembly Driven By Base Stacking2018-2019
Norcross, Ms. SteviePh.D.Tantama, MathewEngineering Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Biosensors To Study The Role Of Mitochondrial Dysfunction And Inflammation In Parkinson's Disease2018-2019
Porter, Ms. AshlinPh.D.Claridge, ShelleyControlled Interfacial Adsorption Of AUNW Along 1-NM Wide Dipole Arrays On Layered Materials And The Catalysis Of Sulfide Oxygenation2018-2019
Rodriguez, Mr. Jon-MarcPh.D.Towns, MarcyStudents' Understanding Of Michaelis-Menten Kinetics And Enzyme Inhibition2018-2019
Romanczyk, Mr. MarkPh.D.Kenttamaa, HilkkaDeveloping Mass Spectrometric Methods For Distinguishing Isomers, Characterizing Complex Mixtures And Determining The Capability Of Organic Compounds To Swell Aircraft O-Ring Seals2018-2019
Snaider, Mr. JordanPh.D.Huang, LibaiCarrier Transport In Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskites Studied By Ultrafast Pump-Probe Microscopy2018-2019
Wang, Mr. MingdingPh.D.Low, PhilipTargeted Delivery Of Dasatinib For Accelerated Bone Fracture Repair2018-2019
Wang, Ms. NanPh.D.McLuckey, ScottIon/Ion Reaction Facilitated Mass Spectrometry And Front-End Method Development2018-2019
Wilkins, Mr. BenjaminPh.D.Michalski, GregDeciphering Soil Nitrogen Biogeochemical Processes Using Nitrogen And Oxygen Stable Isotopes2018-2019
Yuan, Mr. LongPh.D.Huang, LibaiSpatial And Temporal Imaging Of Exciton Dynamics And Transport In Two-Dimensional Semiconductors And Heterostructures By Ultrafast Transient Absorption Microscopy2018-2019
Bang, Ms. Jae JinPh.D.Claridge, ShelleyTailoring Nanoscopic And Macroscopic Noncovalent Chemical Patterns On Layered Materials At Sub-10 nm Scales2018-2019
Fedick, Mr. PatrickPh.D.Cooks, GrahamAmbient Ionization Mass Spectrometry: Advances In Monitoring Clandestine Activities, Supporting The Warfighter, And Chemical Laboratory Education Redevelopment2018-2019
Gettys, Ms. KristenPh.D.Bart, SuzanneSynthesis And Characterization Of High And Low Valent Uranium Nitrogen Complexes And Copper Catalyzed Cross- Coupling Reactions Of Brominated Compounds2018-2019
Gurunathan, Mr. PradeepPh.D.Slipchenko, LyudmilaInvestigation Of Noncovalent Interactions In Complex Systems Using Effective Fragment Potential Method2018-2019
Hernandez Castillo, Ms. AliciaPh.D.Zwier, TimothyBroadband Microwave Spectroscopy Of Lignin, Biofuels And Their Pyrolysis Intermediates2018-2019
Hjerstedt, Ms. AshtonPh.D.Towns, MarcyApplications Of The Topic-Specific Pedagogical Content Knowledge Model For Teaching Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution In Organic Chemistry2018-2019
Hsu, Ms. Erh-tingPh.D.Hrycyna, ChristineBiochemical Disease-Associated Mutations In Human ZMPSTE242018-2019
Alzate, Mr. EdwinPh.D.Wirth, MaryPolymeric Bonded Phases For Protein Extraction And Intact Glycoprotein Analysis2018-2019
Baker, Ms. EricaM.S.Zhang, Zhong-YinKinetic Study Of Oncogenic Phosphatase SHP2 And Its Corresponding Inhibitors2018-2019
Banziger , Ms. SusannahPh.D.Ren, TongSynthesis And Structural Studies Of Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Complexes Based On CO(III)(CYCLAM) Acetylides2018-2019
Brown, Mr. KwameM.S.Das, ChittaranjanThe Structural And Biochemical Characterization Of Deubiquitinating Enzymes LOTA AND UCHL1 R178Q2018-2019
Cardenas, Mr. EmilioPh.D.Ghosh, ArunStructure-Based Design And Synthesis Of Novel Inhibitors Of Beta-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein Cleaving Enzyme 12018-2019
Chen, Mr. Tse-HongPh.D.Wirth, MaryPolymer-Shell Bonded Phase For Improving Online LC-MS Analysis Of Intact Proteins, MABS, AND ADCS2018-2019
Haynes, Ms. EmilyPh.D.Tantama, MathewEngineering Genetically Encoded Biosensors For Quantifying Cellular Dynamics2018-2019
Hudson, Ms. BriannaPh.D.Lyon, AngelineInsights Into The Role Of The Membrane On Phospholipase C Beta And G Alpha Q-Mediated Activation2018-2019
Samaddar, Mr. ShayakPh.D.Thompson, DavidDELIVERY STRATEGIES FOR NUCLEIC ACIDS2018-2019
Sarkar, Ms. SreyaPh.D.Simpson, GarthNonlinear Optical Microscopy For Pharmaceutical Formulation Development2018-2019
Sieng, Ms. MonitaPh.D.Lyon, AngelineStructural And Mechanistic Insights Into Regulation Of RGS17 AND PLCE2018-2019
Siebert, Ms. HeatherPh.D.Wilker, JonathanMimicking Nature To Design Degradable Adhesives From Renewable Resources2018-2019
Song, Ms. ZhengtianPh.D.Simpson, GarthSecond Harmonic Generation Microscopy And Raman Microscopy Of Pharmaceutical Materials2018-2019
Srivastava, Mr. MayankPh.D.Tao, AndyDevelopment Of Chemical Proteomic Approaches To Study Viral Endocytosis And Phosphoproteomics2018-2019
Tatebe, Mr. CalebPh.D.Bart, SuzanneExpansion Of Low- And Mid-Valent Organometallic Uranium Chemistry2018-2019
Tibabuzo Perdomo, Mr. AndresPh.D.Wilker, JonathanUnderstanding The Origins Of Bioadhesion In Marine Organisms2018-2019
Trull, Mr. KeelanPh.D.Tantama, MathewEngineering Fluorescent Protein Biosensors For Interrogating Biologically Relevant Chemical Species2018-2019
Werth, Mr. JacobPh.D.Uyeda, ChristopherTransition Metal Catalyzed Simmons-Smith Type Cyclopropanations2018-2019
Williams, Ms. JacquelinePh.D.Ghosh, ArunDesign, Synthesis, And Biological Evaluation Of Potent HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors With Novel Bicyclic Oxazolidinone And Bis Squaramide Scaffolds2018-2019
Yu, Mr. ZaikuanPh.D.Kenttamaa, HilkkaDevelopment Of Mass Spectrometric Analysis For Drug Metabolite Identification And Quantitation, Delineating Cellulose Fast Pyrolysis Mechanisms, And Studying Gas-Phase Reactivity Of Vinyl Cations2018-2019
Lin, Ms. LuPh.D.Wei, Alexanderl. Antimicrobial Photodynamic Inactivation Targeting Multidrug Resistance With Gilliam-Hemoglobin-Coated Silver Nanoparticles II. Synthesis And Properties Of Magnetic Gold Nanoparticles2018-2019
Rugema, Mr. Ngango YvonPh.D.Lyon, AngelineStructural Insights into Phospholipase C Epsilon Function2018-2019
Niyonsaba, Mr. EdouardPh.D.Kenttamaa, HilkkaDevelopment Of Mass Spectrometric Methods For Fast Identification Of Drug Metabolites And For Determination Of The Chemical Compositions Of Crude Oils Of Different API Gravities2018-2019
Zhang, Ms. BoningPh.D.Low, PhilipDesign Of A Private Passageway Fusion Receptor For Sensitive Control Of Adoptive Cell Therapies2018-2019
Ayrton, Mr. StephenPh.D.Cooks, GChemical Reactions In The Gas Phase, Solution Phase And At Interfaces To Facilitate Mass Spectrometric Analysis And Rapid Synthesis2017-2018
Bowser, Mr. AndrewM.S.Thompson, CSynthesis And Characterization Of Novel Double Perovskites2017-2018
Deng, Mr. FengyuanPh.D.Simpson, GMultidimensional Nonlinear Optical Imaging2017-2018
Cantwell, Ms. KelseyPh.D.Abu-Omar, MDesign And Synthesis Of Molybdenum-Dioxo Complexes And The Development Of Novel Methodologies2017-2018
Judkins, Ms. EileenPh.D.Ren, TMultifaceted Inorganic Chemistry: Metal Oxide Materials For Use In Oxidation Catalysis -&- The Synthesis And Photophysics Of Macrocyclic Transition Metal-Alkynyl Complexes2017-2018
Choong, Ms. ShiPh.D.Claridge, SStrategies To Create Interfacial Patterning And Epitaxial Architectures Using Controllable Anisotropic Wetting At Scales <10 Nm On Polyfunctional Noncovalent Ligand Layers2017-2018
Gilbert, Mr. StephenM.S.Boudouris, BSynthesis Of Next Generation Open-Shell Small Molecules: Effects Of Functional Group Modulation Of Blatter's Radical2017-2018
Hamada, Ms. NataliePh.D.Wilker, JMechanisms Of Curing Marine Mussel Adhesives2017-2018
Hartline, Mr. DouglasPh.D.Uyeda, COxidative Processes Of Bimetallic Nickel Complexes Utilizing Redox Active Ligands2017-2018
Lee, Mr. Yong GuPh.D.Low, PDesign Of A Universal Chimeric Antigen Receptor-Expressing T Cells And Associated Tumor Targeting Ligands For Controlled Destruction Of Solid Tumors2017-2018
Li, Ms. QianPh.D.Mao, CExpanding The Toolbox For DNA Nanotechnology2017-2018
Pattenaude, Ms. ShannonPh.D.Ben-Amotz , DHydration Shell Water Structure And Aggregation Of Small Amphiphilic Solutes2017-2018
Rounds, Ms. HeatherPh.D.Uyeda, COxidative Addition Reactions At A Metal-Metal Bond2017-2018
Schnoebelen, Ms. CarlyPh.D.Hrycyna, CEvaluation Of A Redesigned Chemistry Course Sequence For Undergraduate Life Science Majors2017-2018
Steiman, Ms. TaliaPh.D.Uyeda, CStoichiometric And Catalytic Reactivity Of Dinuclear Nickel Complexes Containing A Redox-Active Ligand2017-2018
Streacker, Mr. LouisM.S.Ben-Amotz , DMiscellaneous Multivariate Raman Spectroscopy Projects Including Hydrated Proton Characterization2017-2018
Tomaine, Mr. AnthonyPh.D.Ghosh, ALewis Acid-Mediated Diastereoselective Synthesis Of Medium-Sized Cyclic Ethers And Studies Towards The Synthesis Of Plakortolide E And 6-Epiplakortolide2017-2018
Valentino, Mr. StephenM.S.Tantama, MEngineering Genetically Encoded Sensors To Study Purinergic Signaling2017-2018
Wu, Mr. SiyuPh.D.Mao, CStrategies Of Programmed Self-Assembly Of Complex DNA Nanostructures2017-2018
Yannell, Ms. KarenPh.D.Cooks, GBiofluid Analysis With Novel Targeted Mass Spectrometry Methods2017-2018
Yerabolu, Mr. RavikiranPh.D.Kentt&auml;maa, HMass Spectrometric Methods Development For The Characterization Of Components In Complex Mixtures For Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations And For Drug Development2017-2018
Zhang, Mr. BinM.S.Lipton, MSynthesis Of Ethylene Antagonists And An Anticancer DUPA Conjugate2017-2018
Zhang, Mr. ShijiePh.D.Simpson, GAdvanced Imaging Techniques For Point-Measurement Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Materials2017-2018
Zhao, Ms. JieminPh.D.Mao, CRationally Designed DNA Crystals And The Applications2017-2018
Kong, Mr. JohnPh.D.Kentt&auml;maa, HDevelopment Of Tandem Mass Spectrometric Methods And Instrumentation For The Structural Elucidation Of Unknown Drug Metabolites Based On Ion/Molecule Reactions2017-2018
Loren, Mr. BradleyPh.D.Thompson, DPart I: Polyrotaxanes As MRI Contrast Agents And NPC Therapeutics. Part II: Development Of An Analytic- Directed Synthesis System. 2017-2018
Matt, Ms. SarahPh.D.Ben-Amotz , DApplications Of Multivariate Raman Spectroscopy2017-2018
Max, Ms. JoannPh.D.Kentt&auml;maa, HMass Spectrometric Studies On A Functional Group-Selective Ion-Molecule Reaction And The Reactivity Of Bi And Polyradicals2017-2018
Morales-de-Echegaray, Ms. Ana V.Ph.D.Wei, AAntimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy With GA-Protoporphyrin Derivatives Against Pathogenic Bacteria2017-2018
Pattenaude, Mr. ScottPh.D.Bart, SSynthetically Guided Investigation Of Lanthanide And Actinide Redox And Bonding Properties2017-2018
Veitschegger, Ms. AnnePh.D.Ghosh, ASynthesis Of Spliceostatin E And Decytospolide A And B And Progress Toward The Synthesis Of Thailanstatin A2017-2018
Daily, Ms. ShannonM.S.Wilker, JOptimizing Strength And Versatility Of Underwater Adhesion Polymer System2017-2018
Falcone, Ms. CaitlinPh.D.Cooks, GAmbient Ionization Mass Spectrometry For Metabolomics And Reaction Acceleration2017-2018
Johnson, Ms. Sara L.Ph.D.Bodner, GSynthesis, Characterization, And Reactivity Of Low Valent Uranium Alkyls2017-2018
Long, Mr. JoshuaPh.D.Ben-Amotz , DHydrophobic Hydration And Aggregation In Aqueous Solutions2017-2018
Mazzotta, Mr. MichaelPh.D.Wilker, JPART I- Oxorhenium Catalyst Design For Oxygen Atom Transfer Methodologies; PART II- Toughened Biomimetic Adhesive Polymers2017-2018
Osswald, Ms. HeatherPh.D.Ghosh, AStructure-Based Design And Synthesis Of Novel Inhibitors Of HIV-1 Protease And Beta-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein Cleaving Enzyme 12017-2018
Regis, Ms. MorrisaPh.D.Choi, KElectrochemical Synthesis Of Thin Films For Use As Water And Biofuel Electrocatalysts2017-2018
Sortedahl, Mr. NicholasPh.D.Wirth, MEpoxide Bonded Phases For Chromatography And Immunoprecipitation2017-2018
Yu, Mr. PengqingM.S.Ouyang, ZDirect Extraction Spray Analysis Of Lipid Biomarkers In Injury Rat Spinal Cord2017-2018
Viccaro, Mr. KeithPh.D.Shah, KDesign And Synthesis Of Bifunctional Atp Analogues For Proteome-Wide Labeling Of Direct Kinase Substrates2017-2018
Nepal, Mr. ManishPh.D.Chmielewski, JPeptides As Tools To Develop Novel Therapeutics And Soft Materials2016-2017
Roy, Ms. JyotiPh.D.Low, PSmall Molecule Targeted Imaging And Therapeutic Agent For Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone Receptor And Fibroblast Activation Protein Alpha2016-2017
Scarborough, Ms. NicolePh.D.Simpson, GNonlinear Optical Imaging Methods For Protein Crystal Detection And Characterization2016-2017
Zhang, Ms. SuilanPh.D.Low, PReversible Band 3-Hemoglobin Association Serves As A Molecular Switch For Oxygen-Dependent Regulation Of Red Blood Cell Properties2016-2017
Bain, Mr. RyanPh.D.Cooks, GMonitoring Of Organic Reactions With And Without Accelerated Rates Using Electrospray And Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry 2016-2017
Betancourt, Ms. STellaPh.D.McLuckey, SGas-Phase Ion/Ion Reactions Of Biologically Relevant Molecules2016-2017
Ebner, Ms. SamanthaM.S.Ghosh, ADevelopment Of Highly Functionalized Tetrahydropyran Rings Via Sakurai Reaction2016-2017
Jin, Ms. ChunfenPh.D.Kentt&auml;maa, HDevelopment Of Novel Mass Spectrometric Methodology For Mixture Analysis. Studies Of P-Benzynes' Reactivity In Solution And Gas-Phase2016-2017
Zabih, Mr. AdamM.S.Towns, MStudent Understanding Of Chemistry Concepts Related To Climate Science: A Survey For Use In Chemistry And Liberal Arts Courses2016-2017
Daum, Mr. BenjaminM.S.Thompson, CSynthesis And Characterization Of Ternary Intermetallic Materials For Energy Conservation2016-2017
D'Hue, Mr. CedricPh.D.Cooks, GScreening For Cancer By Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry2016-2017
Dziekonski, Mr. EricPh.D.McLuckey, SDevelopment Of The Fourier Transform Electrostatic Linear Ion Trap For The Analysis Of Gas Phase Ions2016-2017
Gunasekara, Mr. ThilinaPh.D.Abu-Omar, MMechanistic And Kinetic Studies Of Α-Olefin Oligomerization And Selective Ethylene Trimerization2016-2017
Arora, Mr. NigamPh.D.Wei, AUtilization Of Ferrioxamine Microarrays For The Rapid Detection Of Pathogenic Bacteria 2016-2017
Chowdhury, Mr. AzhadPh.D.Simpson, GUnderstanding And Evaluating Crystal Polymorphism By Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy2016-2017
Huckabee, Ms. AlexisPh.D.Wirth, MIn-Column Polymer Modifications: Advancing Polymer Bonded Phases2016-2017
Shrestha, Ms. RashmiPh.D.Das, CStructural And Biochemical Characterization Of Deubiquitinating Enzymes, SST2 And SSEL2016-2017
Wleklinski, Mr. MichaelPh.D.Cooks, GPreparative Mass Spectrometry Applications In Nanomaterials And Organic Synthesis2016-2017
Wright, Mr. KylePh.D.Thompson, DSynthesis And Performance Of Novel Supramolecular Tools For Single-Particle Cryogenic Electron Microscopy And Drug And Gene Delivery2016-2017
Zhu, Mr. HanyuPh.D.Kenttämaa, HStructural Elucidation Of Deprotonated Analytes Via Tandem Mass Spectrometry Based On Ion-Molecule Reactions And Collision-Activated Dissociation2016-2017
Arora, Ms. SwatiM.S.Mao, CLight-Toggled Gene Expression In Mammalian Cells2016-2017
Arrington, Ms. JustinePh.D.Tao, WDevelopment Of Proteomic Strategies To Elucidate Disease Processes In Cancer And Neurological Disorders2016-2017
Berti, Ms. ChristinaM.S.Skrynnikov, NA Computational Study Of Crystal Contacts2016-2017
Borca, Mr. CarlosPh.D.Slipchenko, LChallenges In Molecular Modeling Engaged From Two Distinct Theoretical Perspectives2016-2017
Bu, Mr. JiexunPh.D.McLuckey, SFundamental Study Of Gas Phase Ion/Ion Reactions And Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation2016-2017
Davis, Mr. DexterPh.D.Dai, MCatalytic Carbonylations in Total Synthesis and Chemistry and Biology of Aryl Isonitriles2016-2017
Dinh, Ms. JannyM.S.Simpson, GUsing Nonlinear Optical Methods To Investigate Pharmaceuticals And Dynamic Systems2016-2017
Finney, Mr. BrianPh.D.Francisco, JHigh Level Ab Initio Energetic And Spectroscopic Properties Of Phosphorus-Bearing Astromolecules2016-2017
Groves, Mr. AdamPh.D.Skrynnikov, NLoss Of Protein Stability Due To Formation Of Intermolecular Disulfide Bonds Under The Effect Of Oxidative Stress: Case Study Of The RRM2 Domain From Neuropathological Protein TDP-432016-2017
Johnson, Ms. SaraPh.D.Bart, SSynthesis, Characterization, And Reactivity Of Low Valent Uranium Alkyls2016-2017
Kassekert, Mr. LukePh.D.Ghosh, AEnantioselective Total Synthesis And Structural Assignment Of Callyspongiolide2016-2017
Kistler, Ms. ErickaM.S.Wei, ANano-Brighteners For Chemical Sensing2016-2017
Lange, Ms. AllisonPh.D.Hrycyna, COvercoming P-Glycoprotein And ABCG2 As Obstacles To Therapeutic Delivery Through Dimeric Substrate-Based Prodrugs2016-2017
Lee, Mr. YoungPh.D.Thompson, DFormulation Of Controlled Liposomal Drug Delivery System2016-2017
Li, Ms. MoPh.D.Mao, CProgrammed Folding Of Single-Stranded DNA/RNA Nanostructures And The Applications2016-2017
McNear, Ms. KellyPh.D.Yang, CUnderstanding Interactions Of Nanomaterials With Biological Environments2016-2017
Peng, Ms. ZhouPh.D.McLuckey, SMass Spectrometry Based Covalent Ion/Ion Chemistry For Peptide And Protein Analysis2016-2017
Jarmusch, Mr. AlanPh.D.Cooks, GAmbient Ionization - Mass Spectrometry: Advances Toward Intrasurgical Cancer Detection2016-2017
Kiernicki, Mr. JohnPh.D.Bart, SRedox-Active Ligand Uranium Complexes For Approaches To Multi-Electron Chemistry2016-2017
North, Mr. MichaelPh.D.Wilker, JUnderwater Bonding With Polymer Mimics Of Mussel Adhesive Proteins2016-2017
Zhao, Mr. XikangPh.D.Mei, JInfluence Of Molecular Structures On The Properties Of Complementary Semiconducting Polymer Blends2016-2017
Murria, Ms. PriyaPh.D.Kentt&auml;maa, HMass Spectrometric Studies Aimed To Improve the Understanding Of The Mechanisms Of Fast Pyrolysis Of Biomass And Solution-Processing Of Thin-Film Solar Cell Devices2016-2017
Rodriguez, Mr. SamuelPh.D.Ghosh, AProgress Towards The Total Synthesis Of Novel Immunosuppressive Agent FR2529212016-2017
Salvador, Mr. Tolani KuamPh.D.Warren, TCopper Catalyzed SP3 C-H Functionalization For C-O, C-N, AND C-C Bond Formation2016-2017
Zhang, Mr. DiPh.D.Zwier, TFrom Microwave, Infrared To UV--Probing The Conformational Preferences For Biomolecules With Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonds2016-2017
Bain, Ms. KinseyPh.D.Towns, MStudents' Understanding Of Energy In Chemical Reactions And Processes2016-2017
Bougher, Mr. CurtPh.D.Abu-Omar, MExploring Reactivity Of Bio-Relevant Pophyrinoid Complexes For Propensity In Chlorite Dismutase, Catalase, Hydrogen Atom Transfer, Electron Transfer, And Oxygen Atom Transfer2016-2017
Kulkarni, Mr. AmeyaPh.D.Ramachandran, PAmine-Boranes: Novel Syntheses And Application As Green Hypergolic Propellants2016-2017
Preston, Mr. AndrewPh.D.Abu-Omar, MStructure-Activity Relationships In Olefin Polymerization By Group (IV) Catalysts2016-2017
Robey, Ms. SarahPh.D.Ren, TInvestigation Of Transition Metal Compounds Of Cyclam Derivatives For Applications In Catalysis, Electronics, And Magnetism2016-2017
Sarkar, Mr. AnindyaPh.D.Ghosh, AEnantioselective Syntheses Of (-)-Alloyohimbane And (-)-Yohimbane By An Efficient Enzymatic Desymmetrization, And Design And Synthesis Of High-Affinity P2 Ligands And (Hydroxyethyl)Urea Isosteres For HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors2016-2017
Snyder, Ms. AlyssaM.S.Low, PErythrocyte Phosphorylation In Sickle Cell Disease2016-2017
Zhu, Ms. TongPh.D.Huang, LExciton Transport And Dissociation In Solar Energy Conversion Systems Studied By Ultrafast Pump-Probe Microscopy2016-2017
Chong, Ms. LeelynPh.D.Ouyang, ZDevelopment Of Mass Spectrometry Methods For Analysis Of Lipids In Mammalian And Plant Tissues2016-2017
Yasosky, Mr. JonathanPh.D.Wirth, MPoly(Alkyl Methacrylate) Bonded Phases For RPLC Separation Of Monoclonal Antibodies2016-2017
Kararo, Ms. AlexPh.D.Weaver, GAssessing Teacher And Student Effects Of The Research Goes To School Project2016-2017
Zukowski, Mr. SamualPh.D.Ben-Amotz , DCharacterization Of Water Mediated Hydrophobic And Ionic Interactions Using Raman Spectroscopy2016-2017
Natoli, Mr. SeanPh.D.Ren, TRedox And Photoactive Metallyne σ-Alkynyl Complexes With Linear And Cross-Conjugated Ligands2016-2017
Drolet, Mr. MichaelPh.D.Ramachandran, POpen-Flask, Non-Dissociative Hydroboration Using Ammonia Borane2016-2017
Funk, Ms. AmyPh.D.Hrycyna, CBiochemical Elucidation Of The Isoprenoid Binding Site Of The Yeast Isoprenylcysteine Carboxyl Methyltransferase, Ste14p2016-2017
Kotha, Mr. RaghavendharPh.D.Kenttämaa, HGas-Phase Reactivity Studies Of Charged Quinoline Polyradicals By Using Distonic Ion Approach And Linear Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry, And Mechanistic Studies On Metal-Promoted Self-Assembly Of Collagen Mimetic Peptides2016-2017
McCall, Mr. JeremyPh.D.Yang, CDetecting And Utilizing Lattice Defects In Graphene2016-2017
Wang, Mr. JianxinPh.D.Wei, ADevelopment Of Gold Nanoparticle Towards Radioenhancement Therapy, Renal Clearance, siRNA Delivery And Light-Controlled Gene Silencing2016-2017
Nyalaptla, Mr. Prasanth ReddyPh.D.Ghosh, AEnantioselective Total Syntheses Of Both Enantiomers Of Amphirionin-4 And Design And Synthesis Of New Generation HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors2016-2017
Akasapu, Mr. SBB SiddharthaPh.D.Ghosh, AProgress Towards The Total Synthesis Of Aetheramide A2015-2016
Gilbert, Mr. JoshuaPh.D.McLuckey, SIon/Ion Reactions And Instrument Development For The Modification Of Gas Phase Bio-Ions2015-2016
Opperwall, Ms. StaceyM.S.Ren, TModifying Diruthenium Paddlewheel Compounds Via Ligand Exchange Reactions2015-2016
Roman, Ms. JessicaPh.D.Wilker, JCharacterizing And Mimicking Marine Biomaterials And Developing A Method For Making Protein-Based Adhesives2015-2016
Baird, Mr. ZanePh.D.Cooks, GMethods And Instrumentation For The Manipulation And Characterization Of Electrosprayed Ions Under Ambient Conditions2015-2016
Burke, Ms. NicolePh.D.Zwier, TUnderstanding The Conformational Preferences Of Peptide Ions Using Cold Ion Spectroscopy2015-2016
Anderson, MR. NickolasPh.D.Bart, SControlling Electronics For The Formation Of High Valent Uranium Imido Complexes2015-2016
Gleaton, Mr. JeremyPh.D.Chmielewski, JHierachical Assembly Of Collagen Mimetic Peptides Into Biofunctional Materials2015-2016
Stinson, Mr. CraigPh.D.Xia, YUV-induced Online Photochemical Reactions For Enhanced Biomolecule Structural Characterization on an ESI MS/MS Platform2015-2016
Babar, Mr. AdityaM.S.Das, CBiochemical Studies Of A Deubiquitinating Enzyme In Chlamydia Trachomatis2015-2016
Chamberlain, Mr. KyleM.S.Skrynnikov, NPurification And Preparation Of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins For NMR Spectroscopy2015-2016
Clark, Mr. ChristopherPh.D.Bart, SThe Investigation Of Carbon-Fluorine Bond Activation By Uranium And Evaluation Of A Tris-Oxazoline Based Tripodal Ligand To Support Low Valent Uranium Centers2015-2016
Hall, Mr. Derrick R.M.S.Ren, THomogeneous Catalysis Of Decontamination-Type Reactions With Organometallic And Polyoxometalate Manganese Complexes2015-2016
Hazlitt, Mr. RobertPh.D.Colby, DSynthesis Of A Malvidin-3-Glucoside Derivative With A Difluoromethylene Linkage2015-2016
Jones, Mr. GavinM.S.Wirth, MAccessible Surface Area Of Common Silica Particle Types2015-2016
Kesely, Ms. KristinaPh.D.Low, PInvestigating Human Erythrocyte Band 3 Tyrosine Phosphorylation And Its Involvement In The Plasmodium Falciparum Infection2015-2016
Newman, Mr. JustinPh.D.Simpson, GAt The Intersection Of X-Ray Diffraction And Nonlinear Optics2015-2016
Olsen, Ms. KarenPh.D.Hrycyna, CMechanism And Conformational Dynamics Of The Yeast Isoprenylcysteine Carboxyl Methyltransferase, STE14P2015-2016
Ren, Ms. JiaM.S.Xia, YMass Spectrometry Analysis Of Carbohydrate And Cholesteryl Ester2015-2016
Sturtevant, Ms. HannaPh.D.Weaver, GDesign, Implementation, And Evaluation Of A Hybrid SCALE-UP Model For General Chemistry Courses2015-2016
Wei, Ms. PuPh.D.Cooks, GMethod Development And Applications Of Spray-Based Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry2015-2016
Badwaik, Mr. VivekPh.D.Thompson, DDevelopment And Evaluation Of Cyclodextrin Based Materials For Applications In Gene Therapeutics2015-2016
Brezden, Ms. AnnaPh.D.Chmielewski, JThe Design, Synthesis, And Investigation Of Functional Cationic Amphiphilic Polyproline Helices (CAPHs)2015-2016
Cel Grosso, Ms. ChelseyPh.D.Wilker, JA Mechanistic-Based Approach To Reduce Biological Adhesion2015-2016
Zhang, Ms. XimoPh.D.Wirth, MProtein LC-MS Using Slip Flow Chromatography2015-2016
Schmitt, Mr. PaulPh.D.Simpson, GCoupling Qualitative And Quantitative Analyses Of Pharmaceutical Materials Enabled By Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy2015-2016
Alberts, Mr. ErikPh.D.Wilker, JCharacterization Of Adhesive From Oysters: A Structural And Compositional Study2015-2016
Bai, Mr. YuPh.D.Dai, MEfficient Synthesis Of Macrolides Via Palladium-Catalyzed Carbonylative Macrolactonizations And Divergent Synthesis Of Monoterpene Indole Alkaloids 2015-2016
Cook, Mr. TimothyPh.D.Ren, TExpanding M(Cyclam) Chemistry; Cobalt Acetylide Complexes For Charge Delocalization, And Functionalized Nickel Complexes For CO2 Reduction2015-2016
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Waters, Ms. EsseneM.S.WirthThin Layer Chromatography Using Silica Colloidal Crystals For The Separation Of Proteins2012-2013
Bork, Mr. MatthewPh.D.McMillinSynthesis And Luminescent Studies Of Ruthenium(II) Polypyridines And Palladium(II) Porphyrins2012-2013
Cruz-Ramírez de Arellano, Mr. DanielPh.D.TownsStudents’ Understanding Of Alkyl Halide Reactions In Undergraduate Organic Chemistry2012-2013
Birdsall, Mr. RobertPh.D.WirthSilica Colloidal Crystals As A Gel Media Replacement2012-2013
Hahne, Mr. KalubPh.D.HrycynaCharacterization Of The Hydrophobic Binding Site Of Isoprenylcysteine Carboxyl Methyltransferase2012-2013
Martyr, Mr. CuthbertPh.D.GhoshDesign And Synthesis Of Highly Potent Hiv-1 Protease Inhibitors And The Development Of Synthetic Methods For Benzofused Oxabicyclooctanes And Nonanes2012-2013
Prentice, Mr. BoonePh.D.McLuckeyMass Spectrometry Instrumentation And Ion/Ion Reaction Method Development For The Fundamental Analysis Of Gas Phase Biomolecules2012-2013
Kulkarni, Mr. AdityaPh.D.ThompsonDevelopment Of Cyclodextrin Based Materials For Gene Delivery2012-2013
Gallardo, Ms. VanessaPh.D.KenttamaaReactivity Studies Of Di- And Tridehydropyridine Radical Cations And Analysis Of Biofuel And Petroleum By Using Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance And Linear Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry 2012-2013
Jones, Ms. MaryPh.D.Abu-OmarGroup IV Metals In Multi-Electron Reactions And Kinetics Of 1-Hexene Polymerization 2012-2013
Lopez-Perez, Ms. DaneliPh.D.LiptonDesign And Synthesis Of Novel Antibacterials2012-2013
Hansen, Mr. MichaelPh.D.LowFolate Receptor Positive Adipose Tissue Macrophages And EC0746, A Folate Conjugated Anti-Inflammatory Drug2012-2013
Logue, Ms. AmandaPh.D.HrycynaCharacterization Of The S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAM) Binding Domain Of The Yeast Isoprenylcysteine Carboxyl Methyltransferase, STE14P2012-2013
González Bonet, Mr. AndrésPh.D.ThompsonFusogenic Liposomes For Bladder Tumor Therapy2012-2013
Rogers, Mr. BenjaminPh.D.WirthSlip Flow In Protein Chromatography2012-2013
Cotton, Mr. C. EricPh.D.FranciscoHigh Level Ab Initio Structural And Spectroscopic Studies Of Interstellar Ion-Molecule Complexes And Interstellar Triatomic Molecules2012-2013
Shurrush, Mr. KhriestoPh.D.GhoshAsymmetric Synthesis Of Anti-Aldol Segments Via A Non Aldol Route: Synthetic Applications To Statins And (-)-Tetrahydrolipstatin And Enantioselective Total Synthesis Of Macrolide (+)-Neopeltolide2012-2013
Davis, Ms. JoelPh.D.Ben-AmotzSpectroscopic Investigations Of Water-Mediated Interactions2012-2013
Szteinberg, Ms. GabrielaPh.D.WeaverLong-Term Effects Of Course-Embedded Undergraduate Research: The Caspie Longitudinal Study2012-2013
Kim, Mr. EurickPh.D.Abu-OmarPart One. Factors Influencing Furan Formation From Monosaccharides Using Maleic Acid Part Two. Silyl Group Migration Studies2012-2013
Ernenwein, Ms. DawnPh.D.ChmielewskiCollagen Peptide-Based Biomaterials For Protein Delivery And Peptide-Promoted Self-Assembly Of Gold Nanoparticles2011-2012
Alberch, Ms. LauraPh.D.WeiI. Stereoelectronic Factors In The Stereoselective Epoxidation Of Glycals And 4-Deoxypentenosides II. Stereoselective Glycosylations Using Glycosyl Dithiocarbamates 2011-2012
Boudreaux, Mr. DavidPh.D.DasStructural And Biochemical Studies On The Regulation Of The Ubiquitin C-Terminal Hydrolase Family Of Deubiquitinating Enzymes 2011-2012
Amundson, Mr. LucasPh.D.KenttämaaStructural Elucidation Of Organic Molecules Directly In Complex Mixtures By Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption And Collision-Activated Dissociation Mass Spectrometry2011-2012
Costa, Ms. Allyson W.Ph.D.ShepsonCoupling Between The Carbon And Nitrogen Cycles In A Forested Environment 2011-2012
Evans, Mr. AndrewM.S.Abu-OmarThe Scope And Limitations Of The Diol-To-Alkene Reaction Catalyzed By MTO And Its Corresponding Mechanism 2011-2012
Favors, Mr. RyanM.S.Ben-AmotzVibrational Spectroscopy Studies Of External Standards And CO2 Sorption Onto Coal Seams 2011-2012
Hong, Mr. Wan PyoPh.D.FuchsReagent-Directed Allylic Quadraselection And Synthesis Of The C1-C27 Segment Of Aplyronine A 2011-2012
Madden, Mr. JeremyPh.D.SimpsonMultiphoton Instrumentation And Applications For Protein Crystal Detection 2011-2012
Shirar, Ms. AmandaPh.D.DianDetermination Of Discharge Products Using Chirped-Pulse Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy 2011-2012
Soparawalla, Mr. SantoshPh.D.CooksIn Situ Mass Spectrometry2011-2012
Tang, Mr. RougangM.S.WassermanThe Character Of Partition Theory2011-2012
Veselkam Mr. NicholasM.S.ShepsonFreshwater Lakes: Evaluation Of A Method For Fatty Acid Analysis Of Surface Water2011-2012
Cebeci, Ms. DeryaPh.D.Ben-AmotzMultivariate Hyperspectral Raman And CCD-Based Raman Spectroscopy Applications For Pharmaceutical Analysis2011-2012
Hall, Ms. VictoriaPh.D.SimpsonSecond Harmonic Generation As A Method For Probing Order In Crystalline Systems 2011-2012
McShane, Ms. ColleenPh.D.ChoiElectrochemical Fabrication Of Cu2O Electrodes For Photoelectrochemical And Photovoltaic Applications2011-2012
Seabold, Mr. JasonPh.D.ChoiDevelopment Of Novel Synthesis Routes, Architectures, And Catalyst Modifications Toward The Improvement Of Multicomponent Photoelectrodes For Solar Energy Conversion 2011-2012
Wei, Mr. BingchuanPh.D.WirthSilica Colloidal Crystals For Ultra-Efficient Protein Separations2011-2012
Yuan, Mr. HaoPh.D.GhoshTotal Synthesis Of Microtubule Stabilizing Agent Laulimalide And Total Syntheses Of Proposed Structure Of Cytotoxic Macrolide Iriomoteolide-1A And -1B 2011-2012
Li, Mr. GuangtaoPh.D.CooksApplications Of Mass Spectrometry In C-C Activation And Analysis Of Hydrocarbons, Process Chemistry And Ion-Surface Interactions2011-2012
Zhang, Ms. JingyaoPh.D.CooksNovel In Situ Mass Spectrometric Analysis For Biological Applications Using Ambient Ionization Methods 2011-2012
Williams, Ms. Jamelle K. P.Ph.D.WentholdThermochemical Properties Of Fluorinated Alanes And Boranes2011-2012
Namanja, Ms. HildaPh.D.ChmielewskiDevelopment Of Dimeric Prodrug Inhibitors Of P-Glycoprotein And ABCG2 To Enhance Brain Penetration Of Antiretroviral Agents 2011-2012
Diaz-Maldonado, Ms. NaomiPh.D.RegnierRecognition Of Disease Associated Posttranslationaly Modified Proteins Through Proteomics And Bioinformatics Methods2011-2012
Jones, Ms. JadeM.S.ShepsonInvestigations Of Acetic Acid And Its Quantitative Effects On The Quasi-Liquid Layer Through 1H And 13C NMR Analysis2011-2012
Wei, Mr. QingshanPh.D.WeiDynamic Contrast In Optical Imaging Using Stimuli-Responsive Agents2011-2012
Gunasekera, Mr. DinaraPh.D.FuchsStudies Towards The Synthesis Of Neuraminidase Inhibitors And Stereoselectivem Synthesis Of The C21-C34 Subunit Of Aplyronines 2011-2012
Harle, Ms. MarissaPh.D.TownsStudents’ Understanding Of External Representations Of The Potassium Ion Channel Protein 2011-2012
Hotopp, Ms. KellyPh.D.DianApplications Of Broadband Chirped-Pulse Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy 2011-2012
Johnson, Mr. RyanM.S.LiptonMethodology With Applications For Native Chemical Ligation, Diazoalkane Generation, And Toward The Total Synthesis Of Callipeltin A 2011-2012
Kissick, Mr. DavidPh.D.SimpsonSecond-Order Nonlinear Optical Imaging Of Chiral Crystals: Instrumentation And Application To Protein Crystalization2011-2012
Lockhart, Ms. JillM.S.BartApplications Of Mass Spectrometry In C-C Activation And Analysis Of Hydrocarbons, Process Chemistry And Ion-Surface Interactions2011-2012
Rivera-Burgos, DineliaPh.D.RegnierAdvances In Protein Proteolysis Relating To Proteomics2011-2012
Zhang, Mr. JianPh.D.RafteryMetabolomics-Based Methods For Cancer Biomarker Discovery: Application To Esophageal And Bladder Cancers2011-2012
Chuan, Ms. Kuei-HuaPh.D.ShahUnraveling CDK5-Mediated Signaling In Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis2011-2012
Badu-Tawiah, Mr. AbrahamPh.D.CooksIon Generation, Ion Collection And Ionic Reactions Outside The Mass Spectrometer 2011-2012
Ohaeri, Ms. EmmanuelaM.S.ChmielewskiTowards Reversal Of Transporter Mediated Drug Efflux2011-2012
Owusu-Sarfo, Mr. KwadwoPh.D.RafteryBioanalytical Techniques For Metabolite Profiling In Pancreatic Cancer 2011-2012
Sanguatrakun, Ms. NawapornPh.D.LiptonSynthesis Of Small Molecule Anthrax Inhibitors And Cysteine Free Native Chemical Ligation 2011-2012
Padungros, Mr. PanuwatPh.D.WeiGlycal Assembly By In Situ Generation Of Glycosyl Dithiocarbamates And A Diversity-Oriented Approach Towards The Synthesis Of Heparin And Heparan Sulfate Oligosaccharides2011-2012
Haupert, Mr. LeviPh.D.SimpsonPredicting Second Harmonic Generation From Crystals2011-2012
Gao, Mr. JinshanPh.D.KenttämaaGas-Phase Studies On The Reactivity Of Charged, Aromatic Polyradicals By Using Distonic Ion Approach And Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometry, And Development Of LIAD/APCI And HPLC/APCI For Ionization Of Hydrocarbons2011-2012
Kingery, Ms. Kim S.M.S.WeaverGender Differences In High School Students’ Confidence In Lab And Content Knowledge: Investigating The Impacts Of An Authentic Science Curriculum 2011-2012
Poh, Mr. Scott Y.T.Ph.D.LowComparison Of Nanoparticle Uptake By Cancer Versus Sites Of Inflammation2011-2012
Borton, Mr. DavidPh.D.KenttämaaMass Spectrometric Studies Of Asphaltenes’ Molecular Structures And The Development Of Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption 2011-2012
Dawson, Mr. ZacharyPh.D.GhoshSynthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Jasplakinolide Analogs And Studies Toward A Total Synthesis Of Neopeltolide2011-2012
Eberlin, Ms. LiviaPh.D.CooksDevelopments In Ambient Mass Spectrometry Imaging And Its Applications In Biomedical Research And Cancer Diagnosis 2011-2012
Gaier, Ms. AbbyPh.D.McMillinSynthesis And DNA Interactions Of Sterically-Friendly Copper(II) Porphyrins2011-2012
Kraft, Mr. StevenPh.D.BartLow Valent Uranium Complexes Containing Redox-Active Ligands For Small Molecule Activation And Organometallic Transformations2011-2012
Rochelle, Ms. NishiPh.D.RegnierProteomic Differentiation Between Disease-Induced Changes In Expression And Post-Translational Modifications2011-2012
Zhu, Mr. JingPh.D.KaisQuantum Population And Entanglement Evolution In Photosynthetic Process2011-2012
Zhuang, Ms. ShuyiM.S.RafteryLC-MS/MS Based Metabolic Profiling Of Breast Cancer Cells2011-2012
Kadam, Mr. UlhasM.S.HrycynaProbing The Methyl Donor, S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine, Binding Site Of The STE14P Isoprenylcysteine Carboxyl Methyltransferase Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopy2011-2012
Ivers, Ms. JennaM.S.HrycynaSynthesis And Characterization Of Reversible Mometasone Furoate Dimers As P-Glycoprotein Inhibitors 2011-2012
Kharlamova, Ms. AnastasiaPh.D.McLuckeyElectrospray Droplet Manipulation Via Reagent Vapor Introduction2011-2012
Koshel, Ms. BrookePh.D.WirthIsoelectric Focusing Of Proteins In Silica Packed Capillaries And Channels2011-2012
Mack, Mr. MichaelM.S.WassermanStrong-Field Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory: Harmonic Generation In Molecular Nitrogen 2011-2012
Lewis, Ms. Amy MicklosPh.D.BodnerChemistry And Students With Blindness: The Hurdles Are Not What You Think 2011-2012
Becker, Ms. NicolePh.D.TownsSocial Aspects Of Classroom Learning: Results Of A Discourse Analysis In An Inquiry-Oriented Physical Chemistry Class 2011-2012
Cladis, Mr. DennisM.S.BartMultielectron Chemistry With A Redox Active Uranium Complex 2011-2012
Cummings, Mr. StevenPh.D.RenModifying The Axial Ligand Of Diruthenium Compounds To Be Purposed For Silicon Surface Chemistry 2011-2012
Ebrahimian, Mr. Gholam RezaPh.D.FuchsApplication Of The Contiguous Chiral Carbon Catalog, Approaches To The Synthesis Of (+)-Pretazettine, Isotamiflu And Discodermolide Analogs 2011-2012
Sikervar, Mr. VikasPh.D.FuchsTotal Synthesis Of Vitamin D3 And Its Analogs Via Vinyl Sulfone Chemistry2011-2012
Peng, Ms. LizhenM.S.ThompsonControlled Nucleation Of His-Tag Protein Assemblies Using Rigid Symmetric Multivalent Nitrilotriacetic Acid Chelating Ligands 2011-2012
Widjaja, Ms. FannyPh.D.KenttämaaGas-Phase Reactivity Of Aromatic Carbon-Centered σ,σ-Type Biradicals Toward Oligonucleotides Of Differing Lengths And Comparison Of The Reactivity Of Charged Phenyl Radicals In Solution And In The Gas Phase 2011-2012
Lazzaro, Mr. DanielPh.D.McMillinSynthesis, Tuning, Photochemical, And Photophysical Studies Of Platinum(II) Polyimine Complexes2011-2012
McDonald, Mr. KennethPh.D.ChoiStudies On The Electrochemical Synthesis And Modification Of Semiconductor Photoanodes For Improved Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting2011-2012
Schilling, Mr. BrettPh.D.HrycynaThe Biophysical Analysis Of The Oligomerization States Of Isoprenyl Carboxylmethyltransferase, STE14p, From Saccharomyces Cerevisiae And The Design And Development Of Biosensor Architectures For The Characterization Of Membrane Proteins2011-2012
Smith, Ms. ErinPh.D.Abu-OmarPart One. Catalytic Activation Of Organosilicon And Organohalide Compounds With Dinuclear Nickel Hydride Part Two. Mechanistic Study And Kinetic Modeling Of Single-Site Catalytic Olefin Polymerization With Zirconium Salan 2011-2012
Xu, Ms. ShengfengPh.D.HrycynaCharacterization Of Prelamin A Tail Cleavage Activity Of ZMPSTE242011-2012
Zhang, Mr. ZhaoruiPh.D.WirthSub-Micron Silica Particles Coated With Polyacrylamide Brush Layer For Protein Analysis2011-2012
Hands, Mr. MichaelM.S.SlipchenkoInvestigation Of Intermolecular Interactions In Aqueous Solutions Using The Effective Fragment Potential2011-2012
Mentinova, Ms. MarijaPh.D.McLuckeyGas-Phase Ion/Ion Reactions In A Triple Quadrupole Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer: The Roles Of Ion Type And Dissociation Methods In Biomolecule Analysis2011-2012
Crawley, Ms. LindseyM.S.MichalskiNitrogen And Oxygen Isotope-Ratio Analysis Of Nitrate By The Denitrifier Method Using Continuous Flow Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectroscopy2010-2011
Franco, Ms. TainaPh.D.LowCharacterization And Mapping Of The Interaction Between The Cytoplasmic Domain Of Band 3 And Adducin 2010-2011
Johnson, Mr. Emmanuel O.Ph.D.ShahChemical Genetic Dissection Of Aurora A Kinase In Breast Cancer2010-2011
White, Mr. James D.Ph.D.WilkerCross-Linking Polymer Mimics Of Marine Mussel Adhesive Proteins2010-2011
Djukovic, Mr. DanijelPh.D.RafteryHPLC-MS And HPLC-NMR Method Development And Applications For Small Molecule Bioanalysis2010-2011
Asiago, Mr. VincentPh.D.RafteryMetabolomics Based Methods For Biomarkers Discovery: Application To Breast Cancer2010-2011
Gualtieri, Ms. EllenPh.D.SimpsonNonlinear Optical Imaging Of Membrane Protein Crystals 2010-2011
Murphy, Mr. CarlPh.D.RafteryHyperpolarized Xenon And Solid State Nmr Methods For The Study Of Photocatalytic And Biological Materials2010-2011
Petersen, Ms. JenniferPh.D.Abu-OmarHigh-Valent Manganese Complexes Of Porphyrin And Corrole: Kinetics And Spin-State Dependence Of Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactions2010-2011
Smith, Mr. BrandonM.S.ChoiSynthesis And Characterization Of Mesoporous Silica-Conducting Polymers And Cupric Oxide Thin Film Electrodes2010-2011
Ramamoorthy, Mr. GurusankarPh.D.LiptonTowards The Total Syntheses Of The Papuamides, Callipeltin A And Analogues2010-2011
Singh, Mr. NikhlendraPh.D.ChoiStudies On Conducting Polymer And Conducting Polymer-Inorganic Composite Electrodes Prepared Via A New Cathodic Polymerization Method2010-2011
Srinivasarao, Mr. MadduriPh.D.FuchsStudies Toward The Total Synthesis Of Apoptolidin Analogues2010-2011
Ye, Mr. TaoPh.D.RafteryChemoselective Tags For Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy-Based Metabolic Profiling2010-2011
Cui, Mr. JinmingPh.D.DavidsonUncoupling Substrate Transport From ATP Hydrolysis In A Bacterial ABC Importer2010-2011
Emmert, Ms. DanaPh.D.HrycynaSynthesis And Characterization Of Bivalent P-Glycoprotein Inhibitors To Enhance Brain Penetration Of CNS Therapies2010-2011
Reece, Ms. Jennifer N.Ph.D.KenttämaaUsing Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry And Linear Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry For The Study Of Polyradicals And The Structural Elucidation Of Unknowns In Mixtures2010-2011
Hassell, Ms. KerryPh.D.McLuckeyFundamentals And Applications Of Charge Inversion: Manipulations Of Ions During Ion/Ion Reactions In The Gas-Phase For The Analysis Of Biopharmaceutical-Relevant Molecules2010-2011
Chaney, Mr. JosephM.S.DasStructural Analysis Of Cysteine Protease Ubiquitin Carboxy-Terminal Hydrolase UCHL1 In Complex With The Suicide Inhibitor Z-VAE(OME)-FMK2010-2011
Appiah-Amponsah, Mr. EmmanuelPh.D.RafteryDevelopment Of HPLC-NMR Methods For The Characterization Of Low Concentration Metabolites In Bio-Fluids2010-2011
Underwood, Ms. Robin C.Ph.D.Ben-AmotzStatistical Thermodynamics Of Water-Mediated Interactions2010-2011
Raker, Mr. Jeffrey R.Ph.D.TownsConnecting Scientific Research And Classroom Instruction: Developing Authentic Problem Sets For The Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Curriculum2010-2011
Li, Mr. JianfengPh.D.Abu-OmarTotal Synthesis Of Brevisamide And Herboxidiene2010-2011
Smith, Ms. Jonell N.Ph.D.CooksDetecting Toxic Chemicals In Air Using Miniature Mass Spectrometers2010-2011
Pates, Mr. George O.Ph.D.KenttämaaGas-Phase Studies On The Reactivity Of Charged Aromatic Biradicals Toward Amino Acids In A Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometer2010-2011
Harden, Ms. Sarah E.M.S.SimpsonInkjet Printing To Trap Transient Polymorphs Described By Ostwald’s Rule And Observed By Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Imaging Of Chiral Crystals (SONICC)2010-2011
Gokulanathan Nair,Hari N.Ph.D.RamachandranSynthesis And Biological Evaluation Of α-Methylene-γ-Butyrolactones 2010-2011
Read, Ms. CarriePh.D.ChoiStudies On Cuprous Oxide And Delafossite-Based Electrodes For Use In Solar Energy Conversion2010-2011
McLaury, Mr. Ralph (Phil)Ph.D.BodnerPreservice Science Teacher Beliefs About Teaching And Learning And The Science Methods Courses: Exploring Perceptions Of Microteaching Outcomes2010-2011
Alvarez, Ms. FrancesPh.D.DavidsonDynamics Of The Maltose Transporter In Escherichia Coli And Its Interactions 2010-2011
Buszek, Mr. RobertPh.D.FranciscoWater Effects On Atmospheric Reactions2010-2011
Davis, Mr. AlexanderPh.D.FranciscoAB Initio Study Of Chain Branching Reactions In The Combustion And Atmospheric Degradation Mechanisms Of Hydrocarbons2010-2011
Jimenez, Garza, Mr. GilbertoM.S.FranciscoAn AB Initio Study Of The Thermodynamical Properties Of Competing Reaction Pathways In Alkyl Molecule Oxidation 2010-2011
Zhang, Mr. ChuanPh.D.MaoDNA Nanocages: Self-Assembly And Potential Applications2010-2011
Matos Perez, Ms. CristinaPh.D.WilkerBiomimetic Polymers Modeled After Marine Mussel Adhesive2010-2011
Haupert, Ms. LauraPh.D.WentholdThermochemical Properties Of Solvated Clusters2010-2011
Kc, Mr. RaviPh.D.RafteryHigh Performance Microcoil NMR Probes And Applications With LC-MS For Bio-Sample Analysis2010-2011
Tong, Ms. LingPh.D.Abu-OmarImaging Nanomaterials In Vitro And In Vivo By Exploring Their Intrinsic Nonlinear Optical Signals2010-2011
Grey, Mr. JessePh.D.LowElucidation Of The Interactions Between Band 3 And Ankyrin2010-2011
Pinkston, Mr. DavidPh.D.KenttämaaCharacterization Of Petroleum Products By Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption In A Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometer2010-2011
Liu, Ms. JiePh.D.WeiNucleation, Growth, And Self-Assembly Of Cobalt Nanoparticles 2010-2011
Martinez-Hernandez, Mr. KerminPh.D.WeaverDevelopment And Assessment Of A Chemistry-Based Computer Video Game As A Learning Tool2010-2011
Mohan, Ms. SwathiPh.D.NegishiTransition Metal Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions. Stereoselective Synthesis Of Conjugated Dienoic And Trienoic Esters Via Alkyne Elementometalation–Pd Catalyzed Cross-Coupling.2010-2011
Rodrigo, Mr. ChiranthaPh.D.ZwierConformation-Specific Spectroscopy And Dynamics Of Lignin Monomers And Bichromophores2010-2011
Wanapun, Ms. DuangpornPh.D.SimpsonSecond Order Nonlinear Optical Imaging Of Solid State Crystallization2010-2011
Dill, Ms. Allison L.Ph.D.CooksTissue Imaging Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry In Disease State Characterization2010-2011
Fega, Ms. Kathryn R.Ph.D.Ben-AmotzHydration-Shell Spectroscopy Of Biologically Relevant And Organic Aqueous Solutions2010-2011
Verhoeven, Ms. Kathryn D.Ph.D.SavinovGenetic System For Detecting, Monitoring, And Evolving Site-Specific Proteases: Development Of Therapeutic Proteases Targeting Amyloid-Beta Peptide2010-2011
McDonald, Ms. JenniferM.S.RenChemical Modification Of Silicon Surfaces Through Functionalization With Novel Diruthenium Molecules2010-2011
Anderson, Ms. TiffaniM.S.ChmielewskiDevelopment Of A Cell Penetrating Peptide Library2010-2011
Bruck, Mr. AaronPh.D.TownsFaculty Perspectives Of The Undergraduate Laboratory: A Survey Of Faculty Goals For The Laboratory And Comparative Analysis Of Responses Using Statistical Techniques2010-2011
Chanthamontri, Mr. Ken ChamnongsakPh.D.McLuckeyThe Analysis Of Small Organic Molecules/Biomolecules Using Ion/Ion Reactions In The Gas Phase With A Quadrupole Time-Of-Flight Tandem Mass Spectrometer2010-2011
Lyvers, Mr. DavidPh.D.WeiI. Plasmon-Resonant Cavity Modes In 2D Arrays Of Gold Nanorods. II. Real-Time Detection Of Pathogens Using Fourier-Transform Based Image Processing.2010-2011
Morris, Mr. NathanM.S.RafteryIn2O3 Based Metal Oxides For Overall Water Splitting Via Spray Pyrolysis 2010-2011
Sebree, Mr. JoshuaPh.D.ZwierProbing The Photochemical Processes Of Titan’s Atmosphere2010-2011
Espy, Ms. JessicaM.S.McLuckeyTop-Down Proteomic Approach To Protein Identification Using Tandem MS, Ion/Ion Reactions And Low-Mass Analysis2010-2011
Grove, Ms. NicolePh.D.NakhlehBridging The Gap Between Preservice Elementary Teachers And The Chemistry Lab2010-2011
Boyd, Mr. DarrylPh.D.RenSynthesis, Analysis And Characterization Of Novel Peripherally Modified Diruthenium Paddlewheel Complexes2010-2011
Gagare, Mr. PravinPh.D.RamachandranAldol Reaction Of 3,3,3-Trifluoropropionates2010-2011
Grey, Ms. JessicaPh.D.ThompsonDevelopment Of NTA-Modified Ligands And Non-Covalent Cyclodextrin-Based Templates For Crystallization Of Histidine-Tagged Proteins2010-2011
Song, Mr. Hyon MinPh.D.WeiSynthesis And Cell Uptake Study Of Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles And Nanostars With Magnetic Cores2010-2011
Barth, Mr. BenjaminPh.D.Liptonβ-Substituted Phenylalanine Derivatives And Toward The Total Synthesis Of Callipeltin A2010-2011
Suryani, Ms. YulianaM.S.RafteryNMR Based Metabolic Profiling Of Liver Cancer2010-2011
Sakavuyi, Mr. KaumbaPh.D.RamachandranSynthesis Of Gem-Difluorinated Compounds Via Fluoroallylboration And Preparation Of Amines And Gamma-Aminobutyric Acids Via Reductive Animation2010-2011
Kim, Mr. Hee-KwonPh.D.ThompsonSynthesis And Performance Of Molecules For Protein Crystallization And Drug & Gene Delivery2010-2011
James, Mr. WilliamPh.D.ZwierSingle-Conformation Spectroscopy In The Complexity Gap: Synthetic Foldamers2009-2010
Spray, Mr. RyanPh.D.ChoiStudies On Structure-Property Relationships In Functional Metal Oxide Semiconductor Photoelectrodes And Inorganic-Polymer Composite Materials2009-2010
Sokol, Ms. EwaPh.D.CooksCharacterization And Optimization Of A Field-Portable Mass Spectrometer For In Situ Analysis2009-2010
Knepp, Mr. TravisPh.D.ShepsonA Multi-Scale Approach To Elucidating The Role Of Ice Surfaces And Synoptic Meteorology In Spring-Time Arctic Tropospheric Ozone Depletion Events2009-2010
Lee, Ms. YoungM.S.McLuckeyThe Study Of Covalent Modification Of Peptide Anions In The Gas Phase Via Ion/Ion Reactions In A Mass Spectrometer 2009-2010
Jung, Mr. KwanyoungPh.D.RegnierA Targeted Glycoproteomics For Breast Cancer Associated Glycoproteins2009-2010
Kothari, Mr. Sameer S.Ph.D.CooksDevelopment Of Multiplexed And Miniature Mass Spectrometers2009-2010
Xu, Mr. Chun-XiaoPh.D.GhoshTotal Syntheses Of Peloruside B, Stereocalpin A And Structure-Based Design And Syntheses Of Novel Polycyclic P2 Ligands For HIV Protease Inhibitors2009-2010
Manicke, Mr. NicholasPh.D.CooksDevelopment Of Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (DESI-MS) For Applications In Imaging And Quantitation2009-2010
Burkett, Ms. JessicaM.S.BartNew Metal Complexes For Small Molecule Activation2009-2010
Briggs, Ms. BreezePh.D.McMillinLuminescent Properties Of Transition Metal Compounds2009-2010
Vinueza, Mr. NelsonPh.D.KenttämaaReactivity Studies Of Charged σ,σ,σ-Triradicals Using The Distonic Ion Approach And Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometery2009-2010
Ong, Mr. Quy K.Ph.D.WeiStructural And Magnetic Studies Of Core–Shell And Hollow Nanoparticles2009-2010
Kirkpatrick, Ms. Lindsey M.Ph.D.KenttämaaGas-Phase Studies On The Reactivity And Formation Of Para-Benzynes And Carbon-Nitrogen (CN) Ortho-Benzynes In A Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometer2009-2010
Sun, Ms. Kai-HuiPh.D.ShahDissection Of Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 5’s Role In Promoting Neurodegenerative Pathways In Alzheimer’s Disease2009-2010
Bucks, Ms. Megan E.Ph.D.SavinovSynthetic And Cellular Methods For Developing Membrane-Permeable Antagonists Of Protein–Protein Interactions2009-2010
Clark, Ms. MeaghanPh.D.McMillinDNA Binding And Photophysical Properties Of Platinum(II) Polypyridines2009-2010
Greene, Mr. Joseph B.Ph.D.LiptonThe Synthesis Of An Enediynone Prodrug With DNA Cleaving Activity2009-2010
Kulkarni, Mr. Sarang S.Ph.D.GhoshEnantioselective Synthesis Of Largazole, Development Of Multicomponent Reactions, And Design And Synthesis Of Novel Hiv-1 Protease Inhibitors2009-2010
Newby, Mr. Josh J.Ph.D.ZwierSpectroscopy And Excited State Dynamics Of Aromatic Species Relevant To The Atmosphere Of Titan2009-2010
Noshi, Mr. Mohammad N.Ph.D.FuchsSynthetic Studies On Six And Seven-Membered Cyclic Vinl Sulfones: Process Application Towards The Total Synthesis Of Aplyronine A2009-2010
Perry, Mr. Richard H.Ph.D.CooksIon Dynamics In The Orbitrap Mass Analyzer And Investigations Into The Chiral Amplification Of Serine Upon Sublimation2009-2010
Rodriguez-Ramos, Ms. MildredPh.D.WilkerCharacterization And Binding Studies Of BPY - DNA2009-2010
Habicht, Mr. Steven B.Ph.D.KenttämaaGas-Phase Ion-Molecule Reactions And Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption Mass Spectrometry For Complex Mixture Analysis And Structural Elucidation2009-2010
Tomlinson Phillips, Ms. Jill E.Ph.D.Ben-AmotzExploring The Thermodynamic Signatures Of Water Interactions By Molecular Dynamic Simulations2009-2010
Colon-Villafane, Ms. OlviaPh.D.SavinovGenetic Reporter System For Detection And Characterization Of Site Specific Proteases2009-2010
Huff, Mr. T. BrandonPh.D.ChengEx Vivo And In Vivo Coherent Raman Imaging Of The Peripheral And Central Nervous System2009-2010
Kularatne, Mr. SumithPh.D.LowTargeted Drugs For Cancer And Inflammatory Diseases2009-2010
Mielke, Mr. LeviPh.D.ShepsonA Quantitative Study Of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds Using Proton Transfer Reaction Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry2009-2010
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