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Dissertations for Selected Years


Adolph, Ms. Colby

"Advances In Hetero- And Homogeneous Catalysts For Organic Transformations"
(Advisor: Uyeda, C , 2017-2018 )

Agrawal, Ms. Neha

"Development Of Trojan Horse Dimeric Inhibitors Of P-Glycoprotein To Target HIV Reservoirs In The Brain"
(Advisor: Chmielewski, J , 2017-2018 )

Ayrton, Mr. Stephen

"Chemical Reactions In The Gas Phase, Solution Phase And At Interfaces To Facilitate Mass Spectrometric Analysis And Rapid Synthesis"
(Advisor: Cooks, G , 2017-2018 )

Cantwell, Ms. Kelsey

"Design And Synthesis Of Molybdenum-Dioxo Complexes And The Development Of Novel Methodologies"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar, M , 2017-2018 )

Choong, Ms. Shi

"Strategies To Create Interfacial Patterning And Epitaxial Architectures Using Controllable Anisotropic Wetting At Scales <10 Nm On Polyfunctional Noncovalent Ligand Layers"
(Advisor: Claridge, S , 2017-2018 )

Deng, Mr. Fengyuan

"Multidimensional Nonlinear Optical Imaging"
(Advisor: Simpson, G , 2017-2018 )

Falcone, Ms. Caitlin

"Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry For Metabolomics And Reaction Acceleration"
(Advisor: Cooks, G , 2017-2018 )

Hamada, Ms. Natalie

"Mechanisms Of Curing Marine Mussel Adhesives"
(Advisor: Wilker, J , 2017-2018 )

Hartline, Mr. Douglas

"Oxidative Processes Of Bimetallic Nickel Complexes Utilizing Redox Active Ligands"
(Advisor: Uyeda, C , 2017-2018 )

Haskins, Mr. Chris

"Gas-Phase And Condensed-Phase Studies Of Small Reactive Intermediates"
(Advisor: Wenthold, P , 2017-2018 )

Hensiek, Ms. Sarah

"Digital Badges And Student Motivation In The Undergraduate General Chemistry Laboratory"
(Advisor: Towns, M , 2017-2018 )

Hewett, Mr. Daniel

"A Spectroscopic Study Of The Folding Propensities Of Molecules Relevant In Combustion Processes"
(Advisor: Zwier, T , 2017-2018 )

Hollerbach, Mr. Adam

"Generation, Manipulation, And Detection Of Charged Droplets And Ions In The Open Air"
(Advisor: Cooks, G , 2017-2018 )

Hostetler, Mr. Matthew

"Part I. The Rational Design, Synthesis, And Evaluation Of Second Generation Class II HMG-COA Reductase Inhibitors Part II. Studies Directed Toward The On-Resin Preparation Of C-Terminal Modified And Cyclic Peptides"
(Advisor: Lipton, M , 2017-2018 )

Jiang, Ms. Yuan

"Insights Into Biomass Characterization, Degradation, And Utilization"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa, H , 2017-2018 )

Johnson, Ms. Sara L.

"Synthesis, Characterization, And Reactivity Of Low Valent Uranium Alkyls"
(Advisor: Bodner, G , 2017-2018 )

Judkins, Ms. Eileen

"Multifaceted Inorganic Chemistry: Metal Oxide Materials For Use In Oxidation Catalysis -&- The Synthesis And Photophysics Of Macrocyclic Transition Metal-Alkynyl Complexes"
(Advisor: Ren, T , 2017-2018 )

Kong, Mr. John

"Development Of Tandem Mass Spectrometric Methods And Instrumentation For The Structural Elucidation Of Unknown Drug Metabolites Based On Ion/Molecule Reactions"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa, H , 2017-2018 )

Lee, Mr. Yong Gu

"Design Of A Universal Chimeric Antigen Receptor-Expressing T Cells And Associated Tumor Targeting Ligands For Controlled Destruction Of Solid Tumors"
(Advisor: Low, P , 2017-2018 )

Li, Ms. Qian

"Expanding The Toolbox For DNA Nanotechnology"
(Advisor: Mao, C , 2017-2018 )

Long, Mr. Joshua

"Hydrophobic Hydration And Aggregation In Aqueous Solutions"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , D , 2017-2018 )

Loren, Mr. Bradley

"Part I: Polyrotaxanes As MRI Contrast Agents And NPC Therapeutics. Part II: Development Of An Analytic- Directed Synthesis System. "
(Advisor: Thompson, D , 2017-2018 )

Marks, Mr. Isaac

"Design, Synthesis, And Biological Evaluation Of Small Molecule Drug Conjugates Targeting The Carbonic Anhydrase IX Receptor And Investigation Of A Ligand Targeted Strategy For Targeted Cell-Based Therapies"
(Advisor: Low, P , 2017-2018 )

Matt, Ms. Sarah

"Applications Of Multivariate Raman Spectroscopy"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , D , 2017-2018 )

Max, Ms. Joann

"Mass Spectrometric Studies On A Functional Group-Selective Ion-Molecule Reaction And The Reactivity Of Bi And Polyradicals"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa, H , 2017-2018 )

Mazzotta, Mr. Michael

"PART I- Oxorhenium Catalyst Design For Oxygen Atom Transfer Methodologies; PART II- Toughened Biomimetic Adhesive Polymers"
(Advisor: Wilker, J , 2017-2018 )

Morales-de-Echegaray, Ms. Ana V.

"Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy With GA-Protoporphyrin Derivatives Against Pathogenic Bacteria"
(Advisor: Wei, A , 2017-2018 )

Osswald, Ms. Heather

"Structure-Based Design And Synthesis Of Novel Inhibitors Of HIV-1 Protease And Beta-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein Cleaving Enzyme 1"
(Advisor: Ghosh, A , 2017-2018 )

Pattenaude, Mr. Scott

"Synthetically Guided Investigation Of Lanthanide And Actinide Redox And Bonding Properties"
(Advisor: Bart, S , 2017-2018 )

Pattenaude, Ms. Shannon

"Hydration Shell Water Structure And Aggregation Of Small Amphiphilic Solutes"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , D , 2017-2018 )

Powers, Mr. Ian

"Diverse Reactivity Of Bimetallic Nickel Imido Complexes Supported By A Redox-Active Ligand"
(Advisor: Uyeda, C , 2017-2018 )

Ragland, Ms. Tamika

"Separation And Extraction Of Proteins And Compounds Using Nanopores"
(Advisor: Wirth, M , 2017-2018 )

Regis, Ms. Morrisa

"Electrochemical Synthesis Of Thin Films For Use As Water And Biofuel Electrocatalysts"
(Advisor: Choi, K , 2017-2018 )

Rounds, Ms. Heather

"Oxidative Addition Reactions At A Metal-Metal Bond"
(Advisor: Uyeda, C , 2017-2018 )

Salmon, Ms. Olivia

"Urban Atmospheric Water Vapor And Its Stable Isotopologues"
(Advisor: Shepson, P , 2017-2018 )

Schnoebelen, Ms. Carly

"Evaluation Of A Redesigned Chemistry Course Sequence For Undergraduate Life Science Majors"
(Advisor: Hrycyna, C , 2017-2018 )

Sortedahl, Mr. Nicholas

"Epoxide Bonded Phases For Chromatography And Immunoprecipitation"
(Advisor: Wirth, M , 2017-2018 )

Steiman, Ms. Talia

"Stoichiometric And Catalytic Reactivity Of Dinuclear Nickel Complexes Containing A Redox-Active Ligand"
(Advisor: Uyeda, C , 2017-2018 )

Tomaine, Mr. Anthony

"Lewis Acid-Mediated Diastereoselective Synthesis Of Medium-Sized Cyclic Ethers And Studies Towards The Synthesis Of Plakortolide E And 6-Epiplakortolide"
(Advisor: Ghosh, A , 2017-2018 )

Veitschegger, Ms. Anne

"Synthesis Of Spliceostatin E And Decytospolide A And B And Progress Toward The Synthesis Of Thailanstatin A"
(Advisor: Ghosh, A , 2017-2018 )

Viccaro, Mr. Keith

"Design And Synthesis Of Bifunctional Atp Analogues For Proteome-Wide Labeling Of Direct Kinase Substrates"
(Advisor: Shah, K , 2017-2018 )

Villarreal, Mr. Terry

"Modulating Wettability Of Layered Materials By Controlling Headgroup Dynamics And Alkyl Chain Conformations"
(Advisor: Claridge, S , 2017-2018 )

Wu, Mr. Siyu

"Strategies Of Programmed Self-Assembly Of Complex DNA Nanostructures"
(Advisor: Mao, C , 2017-2018 )

Yannell, Ms. Karen

"Biofluid Analysis With Novel Targeted Mass Spectrometry Methods"
(Advisor: Cooks, G , 2017-2018 )

Yerabolu, Mr. Ravikiran

"Mass Spectrometric Methods Development For The Characterization Of Components In Complex Mixtures For Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations And For Drug Development"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa, H , 2017-2018 )

Zhang, Mr. Shijie

"Advanced Imaging Techniques For Point-Measurement Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Materials"
(Advisor: Simpson, G , 2017-2018 )

Zhao, Ms. Jiemin

"Rationally Designed DNA Crystals And The Applications"
(Advisor: Mao, C , 2017-2018 )

Zhou, Mr. Yiyang

"Design Of Bonded Phase To Increase LC Resolution And MS Sensitivity"
(Advisor: Wirth, M , 2017-2018 )

Agarkar, Mr. Varad

"Synthesis Of Stable Open-Shell Moieties And Polymers For Charge Transfer Applications"
(Advisor: Boudouris, B , 2017-2018 )

Bowser, Mr. Andrew

"Synthesis And Characterization Of Novel Double Perovskites"
(Advisor: Thompson, C , 2017-2018 )

Daily, Ms. Shannon

"Optimizing Strength And Versatility Of Underwater Adhesion Polymer System"
(Advisor: Wilker, J , 2017-2018 )

Esquina, Ms. Candi

"Electrostatic Regulation Of Phospholipase C beta Enzymes"
(Advisor: Lyon, A , 2017-2018 )

Gilbert, Mr. Stephen

"Synthesis Of Next Generation Open-Shell Small Molecules: Effects Of Functional Group Modulation Of Blatter's Radical"
(Advisor: Boudouris, B , 2017-2018 )

Martin, Mr. Jerald C.

"Hyperspectral Imaging Of Chemical Composition"
(Advisor: Simpson, G , 2017-2018 )

Montag, Mr. Shawn

"An Efficient, Scalable Approach To A Novel Dinuclear Nickel Complex"
(Advisor: Uyeda, C , 2017-2018 )

Norley, Mr. Jacob

"Developing Second Generation Sensors Of Redox Dynamics Of Live Cells"
(Advisor: Tantama, M , 2017-2018 )

Raymond, Mr. Colby

"Raman Thermometry"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , D , 2017-2018 )

Streacker, Mr. Louis

"Miscellaneous Multivariate Raman Spectroscopy Projects Including Hydrated Proton Characterization"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , D , 2017-2018 )

Valentino, Mr. Stephen

"Engineering Genetically Encoded Sensors To Study Purinergic Signaling"
(Advisor: Tantama, M , 2017-2018 )

Yu, Mr. Pengqing

"Direct Extraction Spray Analysis Of Lipid Biomarkers In Injury Rat Spinal Cord"
(Advisor: Ouyang, Z , 2017-2018 )

Zhang, Mr. Bin

"Synthesis Of Ethylene Antagonists And An Anticancer DUPA Conjugate"
(Advisor: Lipton, M , 2017-2018 )

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