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Dissertations for Selected Years


Bhattacharyya, Mr. Pallab

"Yrast Excitations Of Neutron Rich Nuclei Around Doubly Magic Tin-132 "
(Advisor: Daly , 1997-1998 )

Bui, Mr. Huy

"Ion Trap Simulation Program, Itsim: A Powerful Heuristic And Predictive Tool In Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry "
(Advisor: Cooks , 1997-1998 )

Chen, Mr. Guodong

"Gas Phase Ion/Molecule Reactions And Analytical Applications By Tandem Mass Spectrometry "
(Advisor: Cooks , 1997-1998 )

Chen, Ms. Quan

"Applications Of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (fticr) Mass Spectrometry And Density Functional Theory To The Studies Of Gas Phase Metal I"
(Advisor: Weaver , 1997-1998 )

Cunningham, Ms. Kurstan

"Excited State Modification Of Copper Luminophores "
(Advisor: McMillin , 1997-1998 )

Evans, Ms. Bornadata

"The Kinetic And Structural Basis For Substrate Specificty Of The Low Molecular Weight Phosphotyrosyl Phosphatase "
(Advisor: Van Etten , 1997-1998 )

Feng, Mr. Bingbing

"Collisional Activation And Reactions Of Low Energy Ions At Fluorinated Self-Assembled Monolayer Surfaces "
(Advisor: Cooks , 1997-1998 )

Furman, Mr. Chris

"The Determination of the Kinetics and the Products from the Reactions Between Intermediate Chlorine and Bromine Compounds in Water Treatment "
(Advisor: Margerum , 1997-1998 )

Ghosh, Mr. Indraneel

"Dimerization And Dissociation Studies Of The Basic-helix-loop- Helix Transcription Factors, E47 And Tal "
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 1997-1998 )

Gill, Ms. Lynn Horn

"Designing Performance Into The Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer--Mechanical And Ion Optical Methodologies "
(Advisor: Cooks , 1997-1998 )

Guo, Mr. Chuangxing

"Synthesis Of Steroidal Anti-tumor Agents: Cephalostatins And Saponin Osw-1 "
(Advisor: Fuchs , 1997-1998 )

Henderson, Mr. Jason I.

"The Synthesis Of Thiols, Dithiols, Isocyanides, Diisocyanides, And Isocyanothiol Their Use As Molcular Wires And Interconnects "
(Advisor: Kubiak , 1997-1998 )

Hutchinson, Mr. Erik J.

"Raman Studies Of Tribological Model Systems "
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 1997-1998 )

Johnson, Mr. Eric

"[2+2+2] And [2+2+1] Cyclization Reactions Catalyzed By Titanium Aryloxides Compounds "
(Advisor: Rothwell , 1997-1998 )

Kasthurikrishnan, Mr. Narasimhan

"Applications Of Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry In On-line Analysis Of Volatile Organic Compounds "
(Advisor: Cooks , 1997-1998 )

Lei, Ms. Jianming

"Rapid Characterization Of Recombinant Pharmaceutical Proteins Using Tandem Column Enzymatic Mapping "
(Advisor: Regnier , 1997-1998 )

Lepore, Mr. Salvatore D.

"First Total Synthesis Of Stipiamide And Related Polyenes For The Reversal Of Multidrug Restance "
(Advisor: Andrus , 1997-1998 )

Li, Mr. Wenke

"Total Synthesis Of Microcolin B, A Potent New Immunosuppressant "
(Advisor: Andrus/Thompson , 1997-1998 )

Li, Ms. Qing

"Molecular Communications Between Platelets And Red Blood Cells "
(Advisor: Low , 1997-1998 )

Lui, Ms. Fang

"Zirconium-mediated Synthesis Of Cyclobutenes And Palladium-catalyzed Reactions In The Synthesis Of Natural Products "
(Advisor: Negishi , 1997-1998 )

Mezailles, Mr. Nicolas

"Syntheses Of Phosphiranes, Unsymmetrical Diphosphines And Oligomeric Polyphosphines. Insights Into These Ligands, Phosphino-phosphinine And 2,2'-bip"
(Advisor: Kubiak , 1997-1998 )

Mokos, Ms. Jennifer

"Cosmogenic Radionuclides In Antarctic H Chondrites And Radiocalcium Developments In Accelerator Mass Spectrometry "
(Advisor: Lipschutz , 1997-1998 )

Namdev, Ms. Nivedita

"Enantioselective Syntheses Of Aldohexoses Using Macrocyclic Stereocontrol "
(Advisor: Lipton , 1997-1998 )

Ogunwumi, Mr. Steven

"Intrazeolite Chemistry Of Bimetallic Complexes And Asymmetric Salen Epoxidation Catalysts "
(Advisor: Bein , 1997-1998 )

Ondracek, Andrea

"Synthesis, Characterization, And Reactivity Of Rhenium Polyhydride Complexes And Their Precursors "
(Advisor: Walton , 1997-1998 )

Overway, Kenneth S.

"Development And Characterization Of Capillary Electrophoresis Fluorimeter Based On Two-Photon Excitation "
(Advisor: Lytle , 1997-1998 )

Pokalsky, Ms. Christine

"Mechanistic, Kinetic, And Spectroscopic Studies On Low Molecular Weight Tyrosine Phosphatases "
(Advisor: Van Etten , 1997-1998 )

Schroff, Mr. Alfred

"Investigations Into The Physiological Role Of The Human Low Molecular Weight Phosphotyrosyl Protein Phosphastase "
(Advisor: Van Etten , 1997-1998 )

Shi, Ms. Yunqing

"Improved Ruggedness And Resolution For Kinetic-based Analyses "
(Advisor: Pardue , 1997-1998 )

Shih, Mr. Tzenge-Lien

"Synthesis Of Tuckolide And An Unexpected Analogue Of Xestobergsterol A "
(Advisor: Andrus , 1997-1998 )

Smith, Mr. Michael D.

"Ifosphamide Analog, Folate-tethered Chemotherapeutic Agents: Synthesis And Biological Evalutation "
(Advisor: Fuchs , 1997-1998 )

Stamatopoulou, Ms. Argyroula

"Chemical Potentials Of Hard Solutes In Hard Sphere Fluids. Monte Carlo Simulations And Analytical Approximations "
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 1997-1998 )

Thiviyanathan, Mr. Varatharasa

"Investigation Of Oligonucleotide Structures By Multi-Dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methods "
(Advisor: Gorenstein , 1997-1998 )

Wang, Ms. Xiaomei

"Alternative Measurement And Data-processing Options For Transient-based Analytical Methods With Emphasis On Membrane-based Amperometric Sensors And O"
(Advisor: Pardue , 1997-1998 )

Waratuke, Mr. Stephen

"Regio- And Stereoselective Coupling Of Dienes And -olefins Catalyzed By Titanium Aryloxide Compounds "
(Advisor: Rothwell , 1997-1998 )

Workman, Mr. Ryan

"A Biochemical Study Of The Interactions Of Protein 4.1 With The Human Erythrocyte Membrane And Associated Cytoskeletal Components "
(Advisor: Low , 1997-1998 )

Xiang, Mr. Jason

"Development Of Triflone-based Carbon-carbon Bond Formation "
(Advisor: Fuchs , 1997-1998 )

Yao, Mr. Shao

"Unnatural Selection Within A Replicating Peptide System "
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 1997-1998 )

Yong, Mr. Yaw Fui

"I. The Stereoselective Synthesis Of (e)-Alkene Dipeptide Isosters II. New Methods For Solid And Solution Phase Synthesis Of Boc-protected Guanidine"
(Advisor: Lipton , 1997-1998 )

Zavarine, Mr. Igor (Gary)

"Electron Transfer Reactions Of Organometallic Compounds "
(Advisor: Kubiak , 1997-1998 )

Zutshi, Ms. Reena

"Dimerization Inhibition Of Hiv-1 Protease "
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 1997-1998 )

Gigstad, Mr. Kenneth

"I. The Design, Synthesis And Evaluation Of L-ascorbic Acid Provitamins. II. Studies Toward A Rationally Designed Chiral Lithium Amide Base For Enzn"
(Advisor: Lipton , 1997-1998 )

Hu, Mr. Jun

"Synthesis And Characterization Of Distonic Radical, Biradical And Carbene Ions "
(Advisor: Squires , 1997-1998 )

Van Dort, Ms. Heidi Marie Clark

"The Dynamics Of Protein Interactions In Erythrocytes "
(Advisor: Low , 1997-1998 )

Asgari, Mr. Davoud

"Design And Synthesis Of A Novel Chiral Bis(oxazoline) Ligand For The Catalytic Asymmetric Allylic Oxidation "
(Advisor: Andrus , 1997-1998 )

Calhoun, Ms. Jane

"Predicting The Products Of Inorganic Reactions: A Study Of Performance "
(Advisor: Bodner , 1997-1998 )

Del Carlo, Ms. Dawn

"Competitive Invorporation Of Dyes Into Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Crystals "
(Advisor: Bodner , 1997-1998 )

Delgado, Mr. Jose

"Gas-phase Photodissociation And Termochemistry Studies Of Metal Halide Ions [mx]+ (m=v,cr,fe,co;x=br,i), Using Laser=disorption Fourier Transform Io "
(Advisor: Pardue , 1997-1998 )

Griswold, Ms. Lyn

"Evaluation Of Two Models For Deconvolution Of Integrated Flow-Injection Sample Processing Data "
(Advisor: Pardue , 1997-1998 )

Guha, Ms. Sujata

"Computational Studies Of Bromine-Containing Species Important In Stratospheric Ozone Chemistry "
(Advisor: Francisco , 1997-1998 )

Hanson, Ms. Linda G.

"Intramolecular Activation Of Aromatic Ch Bonds At Ta(v) Metal Centers: Evaluating Cyclometallation Resistant And Immune Aryloxide Ligation "
(Advisor: Rothwell , 1997-1998 )

Hart, Mr. Aaron

"Non-thesis "
(Advisor: Nakhleh , 1997-1998 )

Jesinger, Ms. Rachel

"Neutral Halocarbyne Thermochemistry And Molecular Orbital Studies Of Carbyne Anions "
(Advisor: Squires , 1997-1998 )

Jurgens, Mr. Steve

"Hydroxyl Substituted Tacn Manganese Complexes As Epoxidation Catalysts "
(Advisor: Bein , 1997-1998 )

Kim, Ms. Young Hie

"The Gas-phase Reactivities Of Nb6c7, + Ti8c12+ And Si 0 Studied In As Ft-icr Mass Spectrometer "
(Advisor: Freiser , 1997-1998 )

Koenig, Mr. John Robert

"Studies Toward Synthesis Of The Monensin Lactone "
(Advisor: Lipton , 1997-1998 )

Krajewski, Ms. Kristen

"Synthesis And Stability Studies Of An Unsemmetric Tetradentate Schiff-Base Ligand "
(Advisor: McMillin , 1997-1998 )

Kurukulasuriya, Mr. Ravi

"Photochemical And Photophysical Properties Of Methylene Violet "
(Advisor: Morrison , 1997-1998 )

Nicoll, Ms. Gayle

"The Development Of Novel Chemical Technologies For The Environmental Emission Control Of Chlorofluorocarbons "
(Advisor: Francisco , 1997-1998 )

Steinike, Ms. Susan M.

"Synthesis And Characterization Of An Arboreal-Type Stationary Phase For Liquid Chromatography "
(Advisor: Regnier , 1997-1998 )

Xu, Mr. Yinglin

"Characterization Of Copper(II)-Gly2hisgly Complexes And Reactions With L-Ascorbic Acid And Hydrogen Peroxide "
(Advisor: Margerum , 1997-1998 )

Yin, Ms. Li

"Polyacrylic Acid Surface Modification Of Silica Supports For Protein And Peptide Separations "
(Advisor: Regnier , 1997-1998 )

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