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Dissertations for Selected Years


Alvarez, Ms. Jormarie

"Distinct Collision Processes In Mass Spectrometry: Charge Inversion Reactions And Peptide Ion Soft-Landing "
(Advisor: Cooks , 2004-2005 )

Baldauff, Ms. Evonne

"Investigation Of Luminescent Tin And Lead Materials And Application Of Their Vapor Detection Capabilities "
(Advisor: Buriak , 2004-2005 )

Bekele, Ms. Tefsit

"The Study Of Oxyanion-Promoted Cycloaromatizations "
(Advisor: Lipton , 2004-2005 )

Belair, Mr. Stephen

"Molecular Clusters As A Bridge To Understanding The Fundamental Interactions Between Radicals And Water Surfaces "
(Advisor: Kais , 2004-2005 )

Bhattacharyaay, Mr. Gautam

"A Recovering Organic Chemist's Attempts at Self-Realization: How Students Learn To Solve Organic Synthesis Problems "
(Advisor: Bodner , 2004-2005 )

Briggs, Mr. Michael

"A Cognitive Model Of Second-year Organic Chemistry Students' Conceptualizations Of Mental Molecular Rotation "
(Advisor: Bodner , 2004-2005 )

Campbell, Mr. J. Larry

"Development Of Novel Methods For The Analyses Of Hydrocarbon Polymers By Laser-Induced Acoustic Disorption With Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Reson"
(Advisor: Kenttamaa , 2004-2005 )

Cipriani, Ms. Penelope

"Raman Spectroscopy And Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Of Catalysts, Physiological Analytes And Cancer Drugs "
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 2004-2005 )

Dassau, Ms. Terra

"Air/Snow Interactions Of Volatile Organic Compounds In The Arctic "
(Advisor: Shepson , 2004-2005 )

Feasley, Ms. Christa L.

"Development And Application Of Lectin Affinity Selection For Monitoring Changes In Glycoproteins With Disease State "
(Advisor: Regnier , 2004-2005 )

Fenwick, Mr. Andrew

"Mixed-Cyclopentadienyl Aryloxide And Arylsulfide Derivatives Of Titanium: Synthesis, Reactivity, And Application To Olefin Polymerization "
(Advisor: Wilker , 2004-2005 )

Gonzalez, Mr. Alberto

"Theoretical Study Of Mixed Amphiphilic Bilayers "
(Advisor: Szleifer , 2004-2005 )

He, Ms. Min

"Gas-Phase Charge Permutation Using Ion/Ion Reactions And Its Application To The Identification And Characterization Of Macro-Molecules "
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2004-2005 )

Himes, Mr. Richard

"Ancillary Ligand Control Of The Structure, Reactivity, And Stereochemistry Of Group 4 Aryloxide Complexes "
(Advisor: Abu-Omar , 2004-2005 )

Hogan, Mr. Jason M.

"Whole Protein Characterization And Identification Via Gas-Phase Ion/Ion And Dissociation Reactions In A Quadrupole Ion Trap "
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2004-2005 )

Huang, Mr. Yiqun

"Mass Spectrometric And Theoretical Studies Of Thermochemistry And Gas-Phase Ion-Molecule Reactions Of Nucleobases And Amino Acids "
(Advisor: Kentamaa , 2004-2005 )

Hume, Ms. Nicole

"The First-Year Teaching Assistant Experience In A Chemistry Department "
(Advisor: Bodner , 2004-2005 )

Jing, Ms. Linhong

"Studies On The Reactivity And Selectivity Of Positively Charged Aromatic And Polyaromatic σ-Radicals In A Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resona"
(Advisor: Kenttamaa , 2004-2005 )

Kim, Mr. Beomseok

"Self-Assembly And Optical Properties Of Resorcinarene Encapsulated Gold Nanoparticles "
(Advisor: Wei , 2004-2005 )

Knagge, Mr. Kevin

"Surface Studies Using Optical Pumping Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance "
(Advisor: Raftery , 2004-2005 )

Lee, Mr. Hsien-ming

"Liposomal Cargo Unloading Induced By pH Sensitivity Peptides And Probing Peptide Self-Replication Within Liposomes "
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 2004-2005 )

Lee, Mr. Jong Seok

"Second Generation Synthesis Of Cephalostatin 1 Analogs "
(Advisor: Fuchs , 2004-2005 )

Lee, Mr. Seongmin

"Redox Approaches Toward The Synthesis Of Anti-Cancer Steroids: Ritterazine M And North Unit of Cephalostatin 1 "
(Advisor: Fuchs , 2004-2005 )

Li, Mr. Xiaojin

"Development Of Conjunctive Reagents And Methodology For Regio And Stereoselective Synthesis Of Apoptolidin Analogues "
(Advisor: Fuchs , 2004-2005 )

Mayo, Ms. Provi

"Assessment Of The Impact Chemistry Text And Figures Have On Visually Impaired Students' Learning "
(Advisor: Bodner , 2004-2005 )

Morales-Ramos, Mr. Angel

"Studies Towards The Total Syntheses Of The Callipeltins "
(Advisor: Lipton , 2004-2005 )

Prentice, Ms. Krista

"The Rydberg Spectroscopy Of The HCO Radical And The Spectroscopic Characterization Of The Vibrational Force Field of HCO+ "
(Advisor: Grant , 2004-2005 )

Qiu, Ms. Ruiqing

"Multidimensional Chromatography And Mass Spectrometry For Differential Glycoproteomics "
(Advisor: Regnier , 2004-2005 )

Seeley, Ms. Erin H.

"Selection and Analysis of Phosphopeptides in Proteomics "
(Advisor: Regnier , 2004-2005 )

Vazquez-Serrano, Ms. Leslie

"Catalytic Homogeneous Hydrogenation Of Olefins Using N-heterocyclic Carbene Complexes Of Rhodium And Iridium "
(Advisor: Buriak , 2004-2005 )

Watkins, Mr. Michael A.

"Elucidating The Structures Of Molecules, Mixture Components And Reactive Intermediates By Gas-Phase Ion-Molecule Reactions In A Mass Spectrometer "
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2004-2005 )

Wilson, Mr. Michael H.

"Synthesis, Characterization, And Luminescence Of Platinum(II) Polypyridines "
(Advisor: McMillin , 2004-2005 )

Zeng, Mr. Xingzhong

"Highly Stereoselective Alkenylation And Alkynylation Of 1, 1-dihalo-1-alkenes And Their Applications To Natural Product Synthesis "
(Advisor: Negishi , 2004-2005 )

Zhao, Ms. Lei

"Peptide Inhibitors Of Hiv-1 Integrase Activity And Dimerization "
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 2004-2005 )

Anderson, Mr. Jason P.

"Probing Cellular Uptake Through Cationic Peptide Variants And Folate Hydrogel Nanoparticles "
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 2004-2005 )

Chang, Mr. Eric

"The Design Of Jun Dimerization Inhibitors Based On A Coiled-Coil Structural Motif "
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 2004-2005 )

Liu, Ms. Xiuping

"A Global Proteomics Involving The Fractionations Of Intact Proteins "
(Advisor: Regnier , 2004-2005 )

Perez-Segarra, Ms. Waleska

"Spontaneous Formation Of Dithiocarbamate Ligands On Nanostructured AU Surfaces "
(Advisor: Wei , 2004-2005 )

Perkins, Ms. Brandy

"Biomimetic Semiconductor Surfaces for 11-CIS Retinal Binding "
(Advisor: Ivanisevic , 2004-2005 )

Ragan, Mr. Douglas

"An Investigation In Understanding The Strategies Advanced Chemistry Students Use In Solving Laboratory-based Questions "
(Advisor: Bodner , 2004-2005 )

Weis, Ms. Tahlia L.

"Art Analysis With Raman Spectroscopy: The Next Generation "
(Advisor: Grant , 2004-2005 )

Weisser, Ms. Jaime T.

"An Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Investigation Of Iron-Catecholate, Iron-Tironate, And Iron-Peptide Models Of Marine Adhesive Cross-Li"
(Advisor: Wilker , 2004-2005 )

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