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Dissertations for Selected Years


Adeuya, Mr. Anthony

"The Factors Controlling Radicals’ Reactivity Toward Molecules Of Biological Importance In The Gas Phase "
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2005-2006 )

Anderson, Ms. Jessica

"Purification, Characterization, And Inhibition Of The Isoprenylcysteine Carboxylmethyltransferase STE 14p "
(Advisor: Hrycyna , 2005-2006 )

Anong, Mr. William

"Characterization Of The Linkages Between The Erythrocyte Membrane And Its Spectrin-Based Skeleton"
(Advisor: Low , 2005-2006 )

Bland, Ms. Layla

"Synthesis Of Amino Acid Derivatives Via Vinylalumination And Hydroboration"
(Advisor: Ramachandran , 2005-2006 )

Burghardt, Mr. Thomas

"Synthesis Of Amines And Amino Acids Via Aluminum And Boron Reagents "
(Advisor: Ramachandran , 2005-2006 )

Chen, Mr. Hao

"Characteristic Ion/Molecule Reactions At Low And At Atmospheric Pressure For Selective Detection Of Dangerous Substances "
(Advisor: Cooks , 2005-2006 )

Crawford, Mr. Kenroy

"Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption/Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry And Its Application To Peptide, Hydrocarbon Polymer And "
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2005-2006 )

Diop, Ms. Ndeye K.

"Localization, Topology, And Substrate Specificity Of The Human Atp-Binding Cassette Half-Transporter ABCG2 "
(Advisor: Hrycyna , 2005-2006 )

Durham, Ms. Malaika O.

"The Development Of Serial Lectin Affinity Techniques For The Study Of O-Glycosylation In Healthy And Disease States "
(Advisor: Regnier , 2005-2006 )

Gilkison, Mr. Andrew

"Spectroscopy Of The High Rydberg States Of Boron Monohydride "
(Advisor: Grant , 2005-2006 )

Goebbert, Mr. Daniel

"Bonding Interactions Through Hydrogen"
(Advisor: Wenthold , 2005-2006 )

Gologon, Mr. Bogdan

"Mass Spectrometry: Metamorphosis From An Analytical Technique To A Preparative Technology "
(Advisor: Cooks , 2005-2006 )

Gong, Mr. Peng

"Charged Grafted Polymer Layers: Interactions, Particle Adsorption, And Phase Behavior"
(Advisor: Szleifer , 2005-2006 )

Hamilton, Ms. Elizabeth

"Carcinogen Interception: An Investigation Of The Ability Of Inorganic Oxo Anions To React With Alkylating Agents "
(Advisor: Wilker , 2005-2006 )

Handberg, Mr. Eric S.

"Atmospheric Sampling Glow Discharge Ionization (ASGID) Using A Quarter-Sized Cylindrical Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (CIT-MS) For Explosives Detection In Air"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2005-2006 )

Hernandez-Torres, Mr. Jesus

"Sulfated Glucosamine Libraries: Solution And Solid-Phase Synthesis "
(Advisor: Wei , 2005-2006 )

Hwang, Mr. You Seok

"Development Of HIV-1 Protease Dimerization Inhibitors "
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 2005-2006 )

Jenkins, Ms. Malikah

"A Study Of Intramolecular Energy Transfer In Steroid Analogues "
(Advisor: Morrison , 2005-2006 )

Jonnalagadda, Mr. Subash

"Formal Syntheses of (+)-Discodermolide And Epothilone A "
(Advisor: Ramachandran , 2005-2006 )

Julka, Mr. Samir

"Derivatization Strategies As An Aid To Assist Separation And Mass Spectral Properties Of Peptides In Proteomics "
(Advisor: Regnier , 2005-2006 )

Karatholuvhu, Mr. Maheswaran

"Discovery And Development Of 3,3,3-Trichloropropyl-1-Triphenylphosphonium Chloride: A Reagent For Synthesis Of Z-1,3-Enynes, Z,Z-1-Chloro-1,3-Dienes And 1,3-Diynes "
(Advisor: Fuchs , 2005-2006 )

Keil, Mr. Adam

"A Quantitative Study Of Atomic And Molecular Halogens In The Lower Atmosphere"
(Advisor: Shepson , 2005-2006 )

Krouse, Mr. Ian H.

"Thermochemistry Of Fluorinated Main Group Systems In The Gas Phase "
(Advisor: Wenthold , 2005-2006 )

Laughlin, Mr. Brian

"Development Of High-Throughput And Miniaturized Mass Spectrometers Using Miniature Cylindrical Ion Trap Analyzers "
(Advisor: Cooks , 2005-2006 )

Liu, Mr. Ji-ang

"Gas-Phase Ion-Molecule Reaction Studies On Dna Components By Using Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption (Liad) Coupled With FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry "
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2005-2006 )

Lyle, Mr. Kenneth S.

"A Female Pre-Professional Major’s Perspective Of Learning Chemistry A Single-Case Study "
(Advisor: Robinson , 2005-2006 )

Miller, Ms. Elizabeth M.

"A Hydrodynamic Microfluidic System For The Analysis Of Glycoproteins"
(Advisor: Regnier , 2005-2006 )

Mirzaei, Mr. Hamid

"Selection And Identification Of Oxidized Proteins And Their Oxidation Sites "
(Advisor: Regnier , 2005-2006 )

Moralez, Mr. Jesus G.

"Self-Assembled Organic Nanotubes With Tunable Stability, Dimensions And Hierarchy"
(Advisor: Fenniri , 2005-2006 )

Munsch, Ms. Tamara E.

"Flowing Afterglow Studies Of Hydrocarbon Triradicals And Nitrene Radicals"
(Advisor: Wenthold , 2005-2006 )

Myers, Mr. Adam

"Part I. Design And Synthesis Of Ureipodpeptides As Protease Inhibitors Part II. Novel Synthesis Of A Fluorescent Coumaryl Amino Acid "
(Advisor: Lipton , 2005-2006 )

Nanita, Mr. Sergio

"Serine Clusters Studied By Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometry And Their Implications For The Origin Of Biomolecule Homochirality"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2005-2006 )

Nizzi, Ms. Katrina

"Gas-Phase Studies Of Distonic M-Benzyne Analogues In A Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometer And The Determination Of The Heats Of Formation For Phenyl Radicals In A Flowing-Afterglow Guided Ion Beam (FA-GIB) Mass Spectrometer "
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2005-2006 )

Ortiz, Ms. Corasi

"New Dimensions In Proteomic Diagnostics Using Raman Spectroscopy "
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 2005-2006 )

Pitteri, Ms. Sharon

"Gas-Phase Dissociation And Ion/Ion Reactions Of Biomolecules In A Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2005-2006 )

Sedighi, Ms. Minoo

"1,1-Dimethylallyl Esters As Useful Protecting Groups For Carboxylic Acids "
(Advisor: Lipton , 2005-2006 )

Sever, Ms. Mary J.

"Peptide Mimics Of Marine Mussel Adhesives "
(Advisor: Wilker , 2005-2006 )

Sharma, Ms. Shalini

"Part I. Functionalization Of Porous Silicon Surfaces For Bio-Sensor Applications Part II. Synthesis, Structure And Olefin Polymerization Kinetics Of Half-Sandwich Titanium And Zirconium Aryloxide Complexes "
(Advisor: Abu-Omar , 2005-2006 )

Stearns, Ms. Jaime A.

"The Fate Of Electronically Excited Molecules: Photochemical Reactivity And Excitonic Interaction "
(Advisor: Zwier , 2005-2006 )

Tabert, Ms. Amy

"Development Of Multiplexed Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers For High-Throughput Analysis"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2005-2006 )

Torchia, Mr. John W.

"Thermochemical Properties Of Aromatic Radicals Determined By Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance And Flowing Afterglow Quadrupole-Octopole-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry "
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2005-2006 )

Wu, Mr. Guangxiang

"Characterization Of Rectilinear Ion Traps And Extension Of An Ion Trajectory Simulation Program To Electrode Configurations With Arbitrary Geometries"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2005-2006 )

Xie, Mr. Yong

"Development Of Raman Detection Methods For Proteomic Applications "
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 2005-2006 )

Yang, Mr. Pengxiang

"Gentle Protein Ionization Assisted By High-Velocity Gas Flow And Thermal Formation Of Homochiral Serine Clusters"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2005-2006 )

Zyrianov, MR. Yegor

"Applications Of Multivariate Statistical Methods To Drug Discovery And Spectroscopy "
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 2005-2006 )

Freemyer, Ms. Sarah E.

"A Qualitative Study Of Chemistry Educators’ Perceptions Regarding The Purpose And Use Of Demonstrations "
(Advisor: Nakhleh , 2005-2006 )

Green, Mr. Robert

"Synthesis Of New Amine Substituted Platinum(II) Polypyridines "
(Advisor: McMillin , 2005-2006 )

Green, Ms. Kellie F. M.

"A Comparative Analysis Of Online And Face-To-Face Discourse In General Chemistry"
(Advisor: Weaver , 2005-2006 )

Greene, Ms. Jamila R.

"Photodissociation Studies Of CBR4 And CBR4+ Using Ion Velocity Imaging"
(Advisor: Francisco , 2005-2006 )

Horton, Ms. Trinity

"Synthetic Marine Mussel Adhesive Mimics "
(Advisor: Wilker , 2005-2006 )

Hutchison, Ms. Mica A.

"The First-Year Engineering Experience: An Investigation Of The Factors Involved In Self-Efficacy Belief Modification"
(Advisor: Bodner , 2005-2006 )

Lee, Ms. Seung-Hyun Anna

"DNA Nanostructures: DNA Nanomotor And DNA Transfer Printing "
(Advisor: Mao , 2005-2006 )

Lyvers, Mr. David P.

"Tuning The Entanglement For A Finite Array Of Quantum Dots"
(Advisor: Kais , 2005-2006 )

Mekecha, Mr. Tegafaw T.

"Ion Trap Collision-Induced Dissociation Of Human Hemoglobin Α-Chain Cations "
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2005-2006 )

Seo, Mr. Seung Kee

"Synthesis And Cryoprotectant Properties Of L-Trehalose "
(Advisor: Wei , 2005-2006 )

Srinivasan, Ms. Shalili

"Electrochemical Synthesis Of Metal-Semiconductor Composite Photoelectrodes "
(Advisor: Choi , 2005-2006 )

Suitte, Mr. Bryant

"Old School Vs. New School: The Search For Optimum Storage Of H2 "
(Advisor: Francisco , 2005-2006 )

Woodruff, Mr. Jeffrey

"The Effect Of Lipid Oxidation On The Stability And Fluidity Of Phosphatidylcholine Membranes "
(Advisor: Hovis , 2005-2006 )

Zacharias, Mr. Chris

"Gold Nanorod Synthesis For Fabrication Of A Left-Handed Material For The Visible Region "
(Advisor: Wei , 2005-2006 )

Zweifel, Mr. Daniel A.

"Novel Nanomaterials As Multifunctional Contrast Agents For Biosensing And Biomedical Imaging "
(Advisor: Wei , 2005-2006 )

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