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Dissertations for Selected Years


Andrews, Ms. Kim

"Tricationic Porphyrins: Synthesis, Characterization And Interactions With B-Form DNA And Photochemical Studies Of Metalloporphyrins With B-Form Hairpin DNS"
(Advisor: McMillin , 2007-2008 )

Baquero, Mr. Esteban

"Conformation Specific Spectroscopy In The Complexity Gap: β-Peptides And Flexible Bichromophores"
(Advisor: Zwier , 2007-2008 )

Calimsiz, Mr. Selcuk

"Total Synthesis Of Callipeltin E And Towards Papuamide B "
(Advisor: Lipton , 2007-2008 )

Campbell, Ms. Karinna

"The Development Of An Ion-Molecule Reaction-Based Mass Spectrometric Method For The Identification Of Protonated Monofunctional Nitrogen-Containing Compounds And A Study On The Chemical Reactivity Of O-Benzyne Derivatives By Using Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (FT-ICR MS)"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2007-2008 )

Cranfill, Mr. David C.

"Total Synthesis Of Callipeltin D And Towards Callipeltin A "
(Advisor: Lipton , 2007-2008 )

Davis, Mr. Brandon M.

"Biological And Pharmaceutical Applications Of Raman Spectroscopy"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 2007-2008 )

Doorneweerd, Mr. Derek

"Low Molecular Weight, High Affinity Targeting Ligands For Use In Therapeutics And Diagnostics Systems"
(Advisor: Low , 2007-2008 )

El-Awa, Mr. Ahmad M. S.

"Asymmetric Synthesis Of Dipropionate Stereotetrads And Application Towards The Total Synthesis Of Aplyronine A"
(Advisor: Fuchs , 2007-2008 )

Fico, Ms. Miriam P.

"Development Of Miniaturized And Multiplexed Ion Traps Using Novel Materials "
(Advisor: Cooks , 2007-2008 )

Flores-Perez, Ms. Rosangelly

"Development Of New Sensor Platforms: Applications And Characterization Of Self-Assembled Monolayers On Semiconductor Materials"
(Advisor: Ivanisevic , 2007-2008 )

Garner, Mr. Garrett

"α-Alkylidene-γ-Butyrolactones and δ-Valerolactones Via Alkenylalumination: Biological Intermediates And Targets "
(Advisor: Ramachandran , 2007-2008 )

Green, Mr. Jason R.

"Kinetics And Dynamics Of Isolated Clusters"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2007-2008 )

He, Mr. Wei

"Multiparametric Analysis Of Single Circulating Cell By Intravital Flow Cytometry"
(Advisor: Low , 2007-2008 )

Hershberger, Mr. Stefen J.

"Hydrocarbon Stapled Interfacial Peptide Inhibitors Of HIV-1 Integrase Activity And Dimerization And Branched Polyguanidinium Transporters For Cellular Delivery"
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 2007-2008 )

Hodges, Ms. Brittany D.M.

"Synthesis And Characterization Of Novel Metal Containing Biomolecules Through Ion/Ion Reactions"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2007-2008 )

Hu, Ms. Qian

"Study Towards Selective Synthesis Of Highly Conjugated Oligoene And Oligoyne Compounds Via Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling "
(Advisor: Negishi , 2007-2008 )

Huang, Mr. Zhen

"Tuning Entanglement In Quantum Computation And Information "
(Advisor: Kais , 2007-2008 )

Huang, Mr. Zhihong

"Palladium-Catalyzed Negishi Coupling And Zirconium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination Of Alkenes (Zaca): Powerful Tools In The Syntheses Of Natural Products"
(Advisor: Negishi , 2007-2008 )

Hutchison, Ms. Mica

"Factors Affecting The Self-Efficacy Beliefs Of First- And Second-Year Engineering Students "
(Advisor: Bodner , 2007-2008 )

Li, Ms. Li

"Imaging Of Lipid Membrane Organization And Internalization Pathways Of Cell-Penetrating Peptides"
(Advisor: Cheng , 2007-2008 )

Liang, Mr. Bo

"Zirconium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination Of Alkenes (Zaca Reaction): It’s Development And Application To The Synthesis Of Deoxypolypropionates And Other Chiral Compounds"
(Advisor: Negishi , 2007-2008 )

Liang, Mr. Xiaorong

"Gas-Phase Ion/Ion Reactions In Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers: Method Development And Application To Biomolecule Analysis"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2007-2008 )

Liu, Mr. Haipeng

"Highly Simplified Double Crossover (Dx) Motifs In Structural DNA Nanotechnology And Their Applications "
(Advisor: Mao , 2007-2008 )

Liu, Ms. Xiuping

"Chromatographic Fractionation Of Protein Complexes "
(Advisor: Regnier , 2007-2008 )

Loethen, Mr. Scott A.

"Cyclodextrin Based Pseudopolyrotaxanes And Polyrotaxanes For Biological Applications"
(Advisor: Thompson , 2007-2008 )

Loethen, Ms. Yvette

"Raman And Fluorescence Investigations Of Hydrophobic Solvation "
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 2007-2008 )

Longo, Mr. Gabriel S.

"Theoretical Guidelines For The Design Of Membrane Based Biosensors: From Lipid Membrane Stability To Polymer Mediated Specific Targeting"
(Advisor: Szleifer , 2007-2008 )

Lopez, Ms. Carmen

"Non-Aqueous Electrochemical Synthesis Of Polycrystalline Electrode Materials With Systematically Controlled Micro- And Nanostructural Features: Effect Of Morphology On Functional Properties "
(Advisor: Choi , 2007-2008 )

Martínez-Avilés, Mónica

"On The Atmospheric Degradation Of Very Short Lived Brominated Compounds And Their Reservoir Species "
(Advisor: Francisco , 2007-2008 )

Miller, Mr. Larry S.

"Prospective Elementary School Teachers’ Understanding Of The Particulate Nature Of Matter"
(Advisor: Nakhleh , 2007-2008 )

Mulligan, Mr. Christopher C.

"Design And Application Of Portable Mass Spectrometers Capable Of Ambient Ionization"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2007-2008 )

Perera, Mr. Pradeep N.

"Solvent Perturbation Spectroscopy And Multiplexed Concentration Quantitation Of SERRS"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 2007-2008 )

Plocinik, Mr. Ryan M.

"Nonlinear Optical Ellipsometry"
(Advisor: Simpson , 2007-2008 )

Postek, Mr. Brian

"An Investigation Of The Effective Aspects Of Multiple External Representations For Students Learning Chemistry"
(Advisor: Nakhleh , 2007-2008 )

Reyes, Mr. Enrique A.

"Multinuclear SSNMR, EPR, And XPS Studies Of Anion-Doped TiO2 Photocatalysts "
(Advisor: Raftery , 2007-2008 )

Shelton, Mr. Alexander

"Interactions Of Meso-Dicationic Pyridinium-X-Yl (X=2,4) Porphyrins With DNA"
(Advisor: McMillin , 2007-2008 )

Shubert, Mr. V. Alvin

"Laser Spectroscopy Of Supersonic Jet-Cooled Flexible Molecules: Conformational Preferences, Spectral Signatures, And Method Development"
(Advisor: Zwier , 2007-2008 )

Siegfried, Mr. Matthew J.

"Electrochemical Deposition, Characterization, And Shape Control Of Copper Oxides "
(Advisor: Choi , 2007-2008 )

Smith, Mr. K. Christopher

"Relating Macroscopic Observations Of Melting And Mixing To Microscopic Explanations "
(Advisor: Nakhleh , 2007-2008 )

Song, Mr. Yishu

"Novel Mass Spectrometric Methodologies For In Situ Detection Of Hazardous Chemical And Bilogical Agents "
(Advisor: Cooks , 2007-2008 )

Srivastava, Mr. Amit

"Total Synthesis Of Potential Anti-Tumor Agent, (-)-Dictyostatin "
(Advisor: Ramachandran , 2007-2008 )

Steward, Mr. Jason

"Research Experience And Inquiry: Uses And Effects Of Authentic Environments In Science Education"
(Advisor: Weaver , 2007-2008 )

Talaty, Mr. Nari N.

"Desorption Electrospray Ionization (Desi) Mass Spectrometry: Principles Instrumentation And Novel Applications"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2007-2008 )

Tian, Ms. Ye

"Dna-Based Nanomechanical Devices And Dna Enzymatic Detection Of Oligonucleotides"
(Advisor: Mao , 2007-2008 )

Van den Bosche, Mr. Jeroen

"Polyethylene Glycol Conjugates And Vinyl Ether Constructs For Programmed Gene And Drug Delivery "
(Advisor: Thompson , 2007-2008 )

Wampler, Mr. Ronald D.

"Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Activity Of Biomolecular Assemblies"
(Advisor: Simpson , 2007-2008 )

Wampler, Ms. Heeyeon P.

"III-V Semiconductor Surface Modification And Characterization: Biomolecules On Surfaces For Sensor Platforms"
(Advisor: Ivanisevic , 2007-2008 )

Weis, Ms. Tahlia L.

"Erythrocyte Membrane Mechanics"
(Advisor: Low , 2007-2008 )

Xu, Ms. Chao

"Sensing Platforms Based On Polymeric Microsphere Ion Selective Bulk Optodes"
(Advisor: Bakker , 2007-2008 )

Yang, Ms. Linan

"Gas-Phase Reactivity Of Aromatic σ,σ-Biradicals Toward DNA Components In A Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometer"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2007-2008 )

Anderson, Ms. Trisha

"An Investigation Of How Students Learn Organic Chemistry Reactions"
(Advisor: Bodner , 2007-2008 )

Da Fonte, Ms. Maria Carolina

"Singlet-Triplet Splittings Of Substituted Chlorinated Phenyl Nitrene: Negative Ion Photoelectron Spectroscopy "
(Advisor: Wenthold , 2007-2008 )

Gentry, Ms. Sarah

"The Chemopreventative Effects Of Selenium And Vanadium On DNA In Cells Exposed To Alkylating Agents"
(Advisor: Wilker , 2007-2008 )

Hutchinson, Ms. Kelly M.

"Secondary Students’ Interests In Nanoscale Science And Engineering Concepts And Phenomena"
(Advisor: Bodner , 2007-2008 )

Ravelo, Ms. Rose

"On The Proton Affinities Of Nitrates And Nitrites: A Computational Study On Their Implications For Measuring Branching Ratios And The R Groups Effect On The Protonation Site "
(Advisor: Francisco , 2007-2008 )

Simon, Ms. Katya

"Estimating The Accuracy Of Protein Structures Using Residual Dipolar Couplings"
(Advisor: Skrynnikov , 2007-2008 )

Xiao, Mr. Yi

"Oxidation Of Vinyl Ether Compounds: Behavior And Kinetics "
(Advisor: Thompson , 2007-2008 )

Yi, Mr. Young-Su

"Selective Targeting Of Folate Receptor-Beta On Macrophages For Immunotherapy And Imaging Of Inflammatory Diseases"
(Advisor: Low , 2007-2008 )

Zhu, Ms. Heng

"Protein-Resistant Surfaces Based On Dithiocarbamate Assembly "
(Advisor: Wei , 2007-2008 )

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