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Dissertations for Selected Years


Alvarez, Ms. Frances

"Dynamics Of The Maltose Transporter In Escherichia Coli And Its Interactions "
(Advisor: Davidson , 2010-2011 )

Appiah-Amponsah, Mr. Emmanuel

"Development Of HPLC-NMR Methods For The Characterization Of Low Concentration Metabolites In Bio-Fluids"
(Advisor: Raftery , 2010-2011 )

Asiago, Mr. Vincent

"Metabolomics Based Methods For Biomarkers Discovery: Application To Breast Cancer"
(Advisor: Raftery , 2010-2011 )

Barth, Mr. Benjamin

"β-Substituted Phenylalanine Derivatives And Toward The Total Synthesis Of Callipeltin A"
(Advisor: Lipton , 2010-2011 )

Boyd, Mr. Darryl

"Synthesis, Analysis And Characterization Of Novel Peripherally Modified Diruthenium Paddlewheel Complexes"
(Advisor: Ren , 2010-2011 )

Bruck, Mr. Aaron

"Faculty Perspectives Of The Undergraduate Laboratory: A Survey Of Faculty Goals For The Laboratory And Comparative Analysis Of Responses Using Statistical Techniques"
(Advisor: Towns , 2010-2011 )

Buszek, Mr. Robert

"Water Effects On Atmospheric Reactions"
(Advisor: Francisco , 2010-2011 )

Chanthamontri, Mr. Ken Chamnongsak

"The Analysis Of Small Organic Molecules/Biomolecules Using Ion/Ion Reactions In The Gas Phase With A Quadrupole Time-Of-Flight Tandem Mass Spectrometer"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2010-2011 )

Cui, Mr. Jinming

"Uncoupling Substrate Transport From ATP Hydrolysis In A Bacterial ABC Importer"
(Advisor: Davidson , 2010-2011 )

Davis, Mr. Alexander

"AB Initio Study Of Chain Branching Reactions In The Combustion And Atmospheric Degradation Mechanisms Of Hydrocarbons"
(Advisor: Francisco , 2010-2011 )

Dill, Ms. Allison L.

"Tissue Imaging Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry In Disease State Characterization"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2010-2011 )

Djukovic, Mr. Danijel

"HPLC-MS And HPLC-NMR Method Development And Applications For Small Molecule Bioanalysis"
(Advisor: Raftery , 2010-2011 )

Emmert, Ms. Dana

"Synthesis And Characterization Of Bivalent P-Glycoprotein Inhibitors To Enhance Brain Penetration Of CNS Therapies"
(Advisor: Hrycyna , 2010-2011 )

Fega, Ms. Kathryn R.

"Hydration-Shell Spectroscopy Of Biologically Relevant And Organic Aqueous Solutions"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 2010-2011 )

Franco, Ms. Taina

"Characterization And Mapping Of The Interaction Between The Cytoplasmic Domain Of Band 3 And Adducin "
(Advisor: Low , 2010-2011 )

Gagare, Mr. Pravin

"Aldol Reaction Of 3,3,3-Trifluoropropionates"
(Advisor: Ramachandran , 2010-2011 )

Gokulanathan Nair,Hari N.

"Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of α-Methylene-γ-Butyrolactones "
(Advisor: Ramachandran , 2010-2011 )

Grey, Mr. Jesse

"Elucidation Of The Interactions Between Band 3 And Ankyrin"
(Advisor: Low , 2010-2011 )

Grey, Ms. Jessica

"Development Of NTA-Modified Ligands And Non-Covalent Cyclodextrin-Based Templates For Crystallization Of Histidine-Tagged Proteins"
(Advisor: Thompson , 2010-2011 )

Grove, Ms. Nicole

"Bridging The Gap Between Preservice Elementary Teachers And The Chemistry Lab"
(Advisor: Nakhleh , 2010-2011 )

Gualtieri, Ms. Ellen

"Nonlinear Optical Imaging Of Membrane Protein Crystals "
(Advisor: Simpson , 2010-2011 )

Hassell, Ms. Kerry

"Fundamentals And Applications Of Charge Inversion: Manipulations Of Ions During Ion/Ion Reactions In The Gas-Phase For The Analysis Of Biopharmaceutical-Relevant Molecules"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2010-2011 )

Haupert, Ms. Laura

"Thermochemical Properties Of Solvated Clusters"
(Advisor: Wenthold , 2010-2011 )

Johnson, Mr. Emmanuel O.

"Chemical Genetic Dissection Of Aurora A Kinase In Breast Cancer"
(Advisor: Shah , 2010-2011 )

Kc, Mr. Ravi

"High Performance Microcoil NMR Probes And Applications With LC-MS For Bio-Sample Analysis"
(Advisor: Raftery , 2010-2011 )

Kim, Mr. Hee-Kwon

"Synthesis And Performance Of Molecules For Protein Crystallization And Drug & Gene Delivery"
(Advisor: Thompson , 2010-2011 )

Li, Mr. Jianfeng

"Total Synthesis Of Brevisamide And Herboxidiene"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar , 2010-2011 )

Liu, Ms. Jie

"Nucleation, Growth, And Self-Assembly Of Cobalt Nanoparticles "
(Advisor: Wei , 2010-2011 )

Lyvers, Mr. David

"I. Plasmon-Resonant Cavity Modes In 2D Arrays Of Gold Nanorods. II. Real-Time Detection Of Pathogens Using Fourier-Transform Based Image Processing."
(Advisor: Wei , 2010-2011 )

Martinez-Hernandez, Mr. Kermin

"Development And Assessment Of A Chemistry-Based Computer Video Game As A Learning Tool"
(Advisor: Weaver , 2010-2011 )

Matos Perez, Ms. Cristina

"Biomimetic Polymers Modeled After Marine Mussel Adhesive"
(Advisor: Wilker , 2010-2011 )

McLaury, Mr. Ralph (Phil)

"Preservice Science Teacher Beliefs About Teaching And Learning And The Science Methods Courses: Exploring Perceptions Of Microteaching Outcomes"
(Advisor: Bodner , 2010-2011 )

Mohan, Ms. Swathi

"Transition Metal Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions. Stereoselective Synthesis Of Conjugated Dienoic And Trienoic Esters Via Alkyne Elementometalation–Pd Catalyzed Cross-Coupling."
(Advisor: Negishi , 2010-2011 )

Murphy, Mr. Carl

"Hyperpolarized Xenon And Solid State Nmr Methods For The Study Of Photocatalytic And Biological Materials"
(Advisor: Raftery , 2010-2011 )

Pates, Mr. George O.

"Gas-Phase Studies On The Reactivity Of Charged Aromatic Biradicals Toward Amino Acids In A Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometer"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2010-2011 )

Petersen, Ms. Jennifer

"High-Valent Manganese Complexes Of Porphyrin And Corrole: Kinetics And Spin-State Dependence Of Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactions"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar , 2010-2011 )

Pinkston, Mr. David

"Characterization Of Petroleum Products By Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption In A Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometer"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2010-2011 )

Raker, Mr. Jeffrey R.

"Connecting Scientific Research And Classroom Instruction: Developing Authentic Problem Sets For The Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Curriculum"
(Advisor: Towns , 2010-2011 )

Ramamoorthy, Mr. Gurusankar

"Towards The Total Syntheses Of The Papuamides, Callipeltin A And Analogues"
(Advisor: Lipton , 2010-2011 )

Read, Ms. Carrie

"Studies On Cuprous Oxide And Delafossite-Based Electrodes For Use In Solar Energy Conversion"
(Advisor: Choi , 2010-2011 )

Reece, Ms. Jennifer N.

"Using Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry And Linear Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry For The Study Of Polyradicals And The Structural Elucidation Of Unknowns In Mixtures"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2010-2011 )

Rodrigo, Mr. Chirantha

"Conformation-Specific Spectroscopy And Dynamics Of Lignin Monomers And Bichromophores"
(Advisor: Zwier , 2010-2011 )

Sakavuyi, Mr. Kaumba

"Synthesis Of Gem-Difluorinated Compounds Via Fluoroallylboration And Preparation Of Amines And Gamma-Aminobutyric Acids Via Reductive Animation"
(Advisor: Ramachandran , 2010-2011 )

Sebree, Mr. Joshua

"Probing The Photochemical Processes Of Titan’s Atmosphere"
(Advisor: Zwier , 2010-2011 )

Singh, Mr. Nikhlendra

"Studies On Conducting Polymer And Conducting Polymer-Inorganic Composite Electrodes Prepared Via A New Cathodic Polymerization Method"
(Advisor: Choi , 2010-2011 )

Smith, Ms. Jonell N.

"Detecting Toxic Chemicals In Air Using Miniature Mass Spectrometers"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2010-2011 )

Song, Mr. Hyon Min

"Synthesis And Cell Uptake Study Of Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles And Nanostars With Magnetic Cores"
(Advisor: Wei , 2010-2011 )

Srinivasarao, Mr. Madduri

"Studies Toward The Total Synthesis Of Apoptolidin Analogues"
(Advisor: Fuchs , 2010-2011 )

Tong, Ms. Ling

"Imaging Nanomaterials In Vitro And In Vivo By Exploring Their Intrinsic Nonlinear Optical Signals"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar , 2010-2011 )

Underwood, Ms. Robin C.

"Statistical Thermodynamics Of Water-Mediated Interactions"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , 2010-2011 )

Verhoeven, Ms. Kathryn D.

"Genetic System For Detecting, Monitoring, And Evolving Site-Specific Proteases: Development Of Therapeutic Proteases Targeting Amyloid-Beta Peptide"
(Advisor: Savinov , 2010-2011 )

Wanapun, Ms. Duangporn

"Second Order Nonlinear Optical Imaging Of Solid State Crystallization"
(Advisor: Simpson , 2010-2011 )

White, Mr. James D.

"Cross-Linking Polymer Mimics Of Marine Mussel Adhesive Proteins"
(Advisor: Wilker , 2010-2011 )

Ye, Mr. Tao

"Chemoselective Tags For Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy-Based Metabolic Profiling"
(Advisor: Raftery , 2010-2011 )

Zhang, Mr. Chuan

"DNA Nanocages: Self-Assembly And Potential Applications"
(Advisor: Mao , 2010-2011 )

Anderson, Ms. Tiffani

"Development Of A Cell Penetrating Peptide Library"
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 2010-2011 )

Chaney, Mr. Joseph

"Structural Analysis Of Cysteine Protease Ubiquitin Carboxy-Terminal Hydrolase UCHL1 In Complex With The Suicide Inhibitor Z-VAE(OME)-FMK "
(Advisor: Das , 2010-2011 )

Crawley, Ms. Lindsey

"Nitrogen And Oxygen Isotope-Ratio Analysis Of Nitrate By The Denitrifier Method Using Continuous Flow Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectroscopy"
(Advisor: Michalski , 2010-2011 )

Espy, Ms. Jessica

"Top-Down Proteomic Approach To Protein Identification Using Tandem MS, Ion/Ion Reactions And Low-Mass Analysis"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2010-2011 )

Harden, Ms. Sarah E.

"Inkjet Printing To Trap Transient Polymorphs Described By Ostwald’s Rule And Observed By Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Imaging Of Chiral Crystals (SONICC)"
(Advisor: Simpson , 2010-2011 )

Jimenez, Garza, Mr. Gilberto

"An AB Initio Study Of The Thermodynamical Properties Of Competing Reaction Pathways In Alkyl Molecule Oxidation "
(Advisor: Francisco , 2010-2011 )

McDonald, Ms. Jennifer

"Chemical Modification Of Silicon Surfaces Through Functionalization With Novel Diruthenium Molecules"
(Advisor: Ren , 2010-2011 )

Morris, Mr. Nathan

"In2O3 Based Metal Oxides For Overall Water Splitting Via Spray Pyrolysis "
(Advisor: Raftery , 2010-2011 )

Smith, Mr. Brandon

"Synthesis And Characterization Of Mesoporous Silica-Conducting Polymers And Cupric Oxide Thin Film Electrodes"
(Advisor: Choi , 2010-2011 )

Suryani, Ms. Yuliana

"NMR Based Metabolic Profiling Of Liver Cancer"
(Advisor: Raftery , 2010-2011 )

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