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Dissertations for Selected Years


Baniasadi, Mr. Hamid

"Targeted And Global Metabolomics Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma And Hepatitis C Using LC-MS/MS And GC/MS"
(Advisor: Raftery , 2013-2014 )

Bobinski, Mr. Thomas

"Osmium Catalyzed Dihydroxylation And Oxidative Cleavage Of Vinyl Sulfone And Elucidation Of The Vinylsulfone Polypropionate Methodology For The Synthesis Of The C32 Des-Methyl C28-C34 Actin Binding Tail Of Aplyronine A"
(Advisor: Fuchs , 2013-2014 )

Cao, Mr. Zhi

"Syntheses And Characterizations Of Extended Diruthenium Polyyn-Diyls & Trans-[Fe(Cyclam)(C≡Cr)2]+ As Building Blocks For Molecular Wires"
(Advisor: Ren , 2013-2014 )

Casselman, Mr. Matthew

"Fluorous-Phase Synthesis Of Heparan Sulfate Disaccharides & Low-Molecular Weight Additives For Enhancing The Performance Of Lithium-Ion Batteries"
(Advisor: Wei , 2013-2014 )

Chu, Ms. Haiyan

"Mechanism Of Oxygen Regulation Of Erythrocyte Properties"
(Advisor: Low , 2013-2014 )

Cook, Ms. Nicole

"Teachers' Implementation Of Reform-Oriented Instructional Strategies In Science: Lessons From Two Professional Development Programs"
(Advisor: Weaver , 2013-2014 )

Corn, Mr. Isaac

"A Study Of Molybdenum Complexes Supported By Alpha-Diimines And Amine-Bis(Phenols) And Their Applications Towards Oxygen Atom Transfer Reactions"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar , 2013-2014 )

Davies, Mr. Christopher

"Structural And Functional Characterization Of The Endosome-Associated Deubiquitinating Enzyme AMSH"
(Advisor: Das , 2013-2014 )

Dean, Mr. Jacob

"Ultraviolet And Infrared Spectroscopy Of Model Lignins, Plant UV-B Sunscreens, And Polyglycine In The Gas Phase"
(Advisor: Zwier , 2013-2014 )

Dettmar, Mr. Christopher

"Second Harmonic Generation For Probing Nanoscopic Order Within Biological Systems"
(Advisor: Simpson , 2013-2014 )

Espy, Mr. Ryan

"Fundamentals, Method Development, And Applications Of Paper Spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2013-2014 )

Evans, Mr. Andrew

"Nucleation, Growth, And Passivation Of Cobalt And Iron Nanoparticles"
(Advisor: Wei , 2013-2014 )

Gao, Mr. Yang

"Top-Down Interrogation And Characterization Of Biological Macromolecules"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2013-2014 )

Green, Ms. Mandy

"The Investigation And Characterization Of Oxidized Biomolecules Using Quantum Models"
(Advisor: Slipchenko , 2013-2014 )

Grutsch, Mr. John

"An Investigation Of Student Understanding In The Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory"
(Advisor: Bodner , 2013-2014 )

Hao, Ms. Chenhui

"Programmed RNA Self-Assembly"
(Advisor: Mao , 2013-2014 )

Hendricks, Mr. Paul

"Development Of A Field-Portable Miniature Mass Spectrometer Designed For In-Situ Analysis And Ion Trap Miniaturization"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2013-2014 )

Hicks, Mr. Scott

"Catalytic Conversion Of Chlorite To Chlorine Dioxide Using Water-Soluble Heme And Non-Heme Manganese Complexes"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar , 2013-2014 )

Huang, Ms. Shiming

"Application Of Single-Molecule Fluorescence Energy Transfer To Maltose Transporter"
(Advisor: Hrycyna , 2013-2014 )

Hurt, Mr. Matthew

"Mass Spectrometric Studies On The Primary Products Of Fast Pyrolysis Of Carbohydrates And The Molecular Structures Of Asphaltenes, And The Development Of A Rastering Probe For Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption Into An Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Source"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2013-2014 )

Jamieson, Mr. Daniel

"Continued Progress Towards Efficient Syntheses Of Cephalostatin North 1 Analogs"
(Advisor: Fuchs , 2013-2014 )

Jarrell, Ms. Tiffany

"Development Of Mass Spectrometry Methodology And Instrumentation For Analysis Of Complex Mixtures"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2013-2014 )

Kelderhouse, Ms. Lindsay

"Folate Receptor-Targeted Imaging Agents For Cancer And Inflammatory Diseases"
(Advisor: Low , 2013-2014 )

Keyes, Mr. Chad

"Development Of Highly Diastereoselective FeCl3 Catalyzed Prins And Friedel-Crafts Cyclization And Investigation Of Highly Substituted Tetrahydropyrans Via Cu(OTf)2-Bisphosphine Olefin Migration-Prins Cyclization"
(Advisor: Ghosh , 2013-2014 )

Kidwell, Mr. Nathanael

"Spectroscopic Characterization And Dynamics Of Combustion-Relevant Molecules And Reactive Intermediates"
(Advisor: Zwier , 2013-2014 )

Konda, Ms. Chiharu

"Structural Analysis Of Carbohydrates By Mass Spectrometry"
(Advisor: Xia , 2013-2014 )

Li, Mr. Anyin

"Mass Spectrometry For Ambient Analysis, Titan Atmospheric Chemistry And Synthesis Of Nanoparticles"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2013-2014 )

Li, Mr. Xiang

"Programmed DNA 3D Self-Assembly"
(Advisor: Mao , 2013-2014 )

Li, Ms. Yingmei

"DNA Constructions For Nanomotors, Cell Delivery And Crystallization"
(Advisor: Mao , 2013-2014 )

Love, Ms. Chasity

"Unimolecular Dissociation Of Gas-Phase Small Sulfinyl Radical Ions Upon Low Energy Collision-Induced Dissociation"
(Advisor: Xia , 2013-2014 )

McGee, Mr. William

"Chemical Derivatization Of Biomolecules And Biomolecular Ions To Access New Dissociation Pathways In The Gas Phase"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2013-2014 )

Mehtala, Mr. Jonathan

"Gold Nanorod Mediated Mild Hyperthermia And Pegylated Human Serum Albumin Drug Delivery For Cancer Therapies"
(Advisor: Wei , 2013-2014 )

Morales Collazo, Mr. Oscar

"Synthesis Of Heparin-Like Oligosaccharides"
(Advisor: Wei , 2013-2014 )

Muir, Mr. Ryan

"High Throughput X-Ray Diffraction And Second Order Nonlinear Optical Imaging Of Crystals"
(Advisor: Simpson , 2013-2014 )

Njoya, Ms. Nadine

"Silica Colloidal Crystals As Emerging Materials For The High-Throughput Sizing Of Proteins By Packed Capillary Electrophoresis"
(Advisor: Wirth , 2013-2014 )

Pilarz, Mr. Matthew

"Implementation Of A Research-Based Lab Module In A High School Chemistry Curriculum: A Study Of Classroom Dynamics"
(Advisor: Weaver , 2013-2014 )

Redwine, Mr. James

"Construction And Demonstration Of A Tandem Mass Spectrometer Based Instrument For Cold Ion Spectroscopy"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2013-2014 )

Rusere, Ms. Linah

"Design And Synthesis Of Potent Macrocyclic HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors And Non-Nucleoside Dengue Virus mRNA Methyltransferase Inhibitors"
(Advisor: Ghosh , 2013-2014 )

Savchenko, Ms. Iuliia

"Synthesis And Characterization Of New Diruthenium (II,III) Compounds For Metal-Molecule-Silicon Devices"
(Advisor: Ren , 2013-2014 )

St. John, Ms. Sarah

"Design, Synthesis, And Evaluation Of Molecular Inhibitors For Biologically Relevant Enzymes"
(Advisor: Lipton , 2013-2014 )

Steelman, Mr. D. Keith

"Kinetics Of Olefin Polymerization Using Group IV Metal Complexes"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar , 2013-2014 )

Stutzman, Mr. John

"Gas-Phase Covalent And Non-Covalent Ion/Ion Chemistry Of Biological Macromolecules"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2013-2014 )

Tayyari, Ms. Fariba

"Development Of Isotags For NMR Based Metabolite Profiling And Applications"
(Advisor: Raftery , 2013-2014 )

Thompson, Mr. Dylan

"Sulfur Oxygenation Reaction Via Heterogeneous And Homogeneous Catalysis"
(Advisor: Ren , 2013-2014 )

Tian, Mr. Cheng

"Programmed Self-Assembly Of Complex DNA Nanostructures"
(Advisor: Mao , 2013-2014 )

Toth, Mr. Scott

"Nonlinear Optical Imaging Of Pharmaceutical Formulations"
(Advisor: Simpson , 2013-2014 )

Villalobos, Ms. Leslie

"Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Catalytic Systems For The Oxidation Of Organic Sulfides"
(Advisor: Ren , 2013-2014 )

Wegenhart, Mr. Benjamin

"Utilization Of Biomass Derived Furans In Value-Added Organics And Heterogeneous Oxorhenium Catalysts For Deoxydehydration Of Diols"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar , 2013-2014 )

Wiley, Mr. Joshua

"Instrumentation, Applications And Fundamentals Of Plasma Ionization Of Organic Molecules From Surfaces"
(Advisor: Cooks , 2013-2014 )

Williams, Ms. Peggy

"Reactivity Studies Of Charged Aryl Monoradicals In The Gas Phase And Solution Using Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) And Linear Quadrupole Ion Trap (LQIT) Mass Spectrometry"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2013-2014 )

Wittrig, Ms. Ashley

"A Comparison Of The Reactions Of A σ-Monoradical In Solution And Gas Phase And The Evaluation Of Isomer Detection In Gas-Phase Data Analysis"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa , 2013-2014 )

Wu, Mr. Zhen

"Intact Protein Separations By Using Slip Flow With Nano-Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry"
(Advisor: Wirth , 2013-2014 )

Yerneni, Mr. Charu

"Utilizing Advanced Polymerization Techniques For Simplifying Polymer Grafting From Silica Colloidal Crystal Substrates"
(Advisor: Wirth , 2013-2014 )

Zhang, Mr. Delong

"Instrumentation And Applications Of Hyperspectral Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy"
(Advisor: Cheng , 2013-2014 )

Zhang, Mr. Weixia

"Chemical Synthesized Nanostructures Interfacing With Biology"
(Advisor: Yang , 2013-2014 )

Zhang, Mr. Yang

"Preparation Of Mesoporous Silica Supported Ruthenium Oxides And The Application And Kinetic Study In The Catalysis Of Water Oxidation"
(Advisor: Ren , 2013-2014 )

Barefoot, Mr. Nathan

"Gas-Phase Ion/Ion Reactions Of Biomolecules: An Examination Of Carboxylate Reactivity And Arginine Based Non-Covalent Complexes"
(Advisor: McLuckey , 2013-2014 )

Hao, Ms. Yingxu

"Separation Of On-Column Labeled Model Proteins With Packed Capillary Electrophoresis"
(Advisor: Wirth , 2013-2014 )

Molinets, Mr. Zachary

"Investigation Into The Control Of Melittin Secondary Structure And Antimicrobial Activity"
(Advisor: Chmielewski , 2013-2014 )

Nguyen, Mr. Anh

"Synthesis And Characterization Of Crystalline Iron Nanoparticles From Zerovalent Iron Sandwich Complexes"
(Advisor: Wei , 2013-2014 )

Owings, Mr. Taylor

"Student Objectives And Achievement Strategies For Laboratory Work"
(Advisor: Towns , 2013-2014 )

Snyder, Mr. Gregory

"Applications Of Calculated Second Harmonic Generation Tensors On Monomolecular And Biomolecular Systems"
(Advisor: Simpson , 2013-2014 )

Wang, Ms. Yao

"Protein Affinity Extraction Of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Using Submicron Spheres"
(Advisor: Wirth , 2013-2014 )

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