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Dissertations for Selected Years


Akasapu, Mr. SBB Siddhartha

"Progress Towards The Total Synthesis Of Aetheramide A"
(Advisor: Ghosh, A , 2015-2016 )

Alberts, Mr. Erik

"Characterization Of Adhesive From Oysters: A Structural And Compositional Study"
(Advisor: Wilker, J , 2015-2016 )

Anderson, MR. Nickolas

"Controlling Electronics For The Formation Of High Valent Uranium Imido Complexes"
(Advisor: Bart, S , 2015-2016 )

Badwaik, Mr. Vivek

"Development And Evaluation Of Cyclodextrin Based Materials For Applications In Gene Therapeutics"
(Advisor: Thompson, D , 2015-2016 )

Bai, Mr. Yu

"Efficient Synthesis Of Macrolides Via Palladium-Catalyzed Carbonylative Macrolactonizations And Divergent Synthesis Of Monoterpene Indole Alkaloids "
(Advisor: Dai, M , 2015-2016 )

Baird, Mr. Zane

"Methods And Instrumentation For The Manipulation And Characterization Of Electrosprayed Ions Under Ambient Conditions"
(Advisor: Cooks, G , 2015-2016 )

Benjamin, Mr. Christopher

"Non-Fouling Affinity Platforms For Protein Immobilization In Electron Microscopy"
(Advisor: Thompson, D , 2015-2016 )

Brezden, Ms. Anna

"The Design, Synthesis, And Investigation Of Functional Cationic Amphiphilic Polyproline Helices (CAPHs)"
(Advisor: Chmielewski, J , 2015-2016 )

Burke, Ms. Nicole

"Understanding The Conformational Preferences Of Peptide Ions Using Cold Ion Spectroscopy"
(Advisor: Zwier, T , 2015-2016 )

Cel Grosso, Ms. Chelsey

"A Mechanistic-Based Approach To Reduce Biological Adhesion"
(Advisor: Wilker, J , 2015-2016 )

Clark, Mr. Christopher

"The Investigation Of Carbon-Fluorine Bond Activation By Uranium And Evaluation Of A Tris-Oxazoline Based Tripodal Ligand To Support Low Valent Uranium Centers"
(Advisor: Bart, S , 2015-2016 )

Cook, Mr. Timothy

"Expanding M(Cyclam) Chemistry; Cobalt Acetylide Complexes For Charge Delocalization, And Functionalized Nickel Complexes For CO2 Reduction"
(Advisor: Ren, T , 2015-2016 )

DeKorver, Ms. Brittland

"Undergraduate Students’ Goals For Chemistry Laboratory Coursework"
(Advisor: Towns, M , 2015-2016 )

Dow, Ms. Ximeng You

"Nonlinear Optical Methods For The Analysis Of Protein Nanocrystals And Biological Tissues"
(Advisor: Simpson, G , 2015-2016 )

Gilbert, Mr. Joshua

"Ion/Ion Reactions And Instrument Development For The Modification Of Gas Phase Bio-Ions"
(Advisor: McLuckey, S , 2015-2016 )

Gleaton, Mr. Jeremy

"Hierachical Assembly Of Collagen Mimetic Peptides Into Biofunctional Materials"
(Advisor: Chmielewski, J , 2015-2016 )

Gord, Mr. Joseph

"Ultraviolet And Infrared Spectroscopy Of Synthetic Foldamers, Aib Homopeptides, And Solvated 1,2-Diphenylethane In The Gas Phase"
(Advisor: Zwier, T , 2015-2016 )

Halfacre, Mr. John W.

"Studies Of Arctic Tropospheric Ozone Depletion Events Through Buoy-Based Observations And Laboratory Studies"
(Advisor: Shepson, P , 2015-2016 )

Hazlitt, Mr. Robert

"Synthesis Of A Malvidin-3-Glucoside Derivative With A Difluoromethylene Linkage"
(Advisor: Colby, D , 2015-2016 )

Helppi, Mr. Matthew

"Factors Influencing The Cytotoxicity Of A-Methylene-Γ-Hydroxy Esters Against Pancreatic Cancer, And The Development Of A Chiral Route To AMGBLS"
(Advisor: Ramachandran, P , 2015-2016 )

Kadasala, Mr. Naveen

"Synthesis And Applications Of Magnetically Active Gold Nanoclusters"
(Advisor: Wei, A , 2015-2016 )

Katzman, Ms. Tanya

"The Use Of Stable Isotopes And Particulate Matter In The Investigation Of Local And Regional Atmospheric Chemistry"
(Advisor: Michalski, G , 2015-2016 )

Kesely, Ms. Kristina

"Investigating Human Erythrocyte Band 3 Tyrosine Phosphorylation And Its Involvement In The Plasmodium Falciparum Infection"
(Advisor: Low, P , 2015-2016 )

Khatri, Mr. Hari

"Synthetic Studies Of Heparan Derivatives: Glycosyl Couplings And Post-Glycosylative Modifications"
(Advisor: Wei, A , 2015-2016 )

Koirala, Mr. Damodar

"Mass Spectrometric Characterization Of Remotely Charged Amino Acids And Peptides"
(Advisor: Wenthold, P , 2015-2016 )

Korn, Mr. Joseph

"Spectroscopic Investigation Of Molecules Relevant To Titan's Atmosphere And Combustion Processes"
(Advisor: Zwier, T , 2015-2016 )

Lavoie, Ms. Tegan

"Identification And Quantification Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Oil And Natural Gas Operations Using An Aircraft-Based Mass Balance Technique"
(Advisor: Shepson, P , 2015-2016 )

Liu, Mr. Zhiyu

"Programmed Self-Assembly Of Functional DNA Nanostructures"
(Advisor: Mao, C , 2015-2016 )

Maltais, Ms. Thora

"I. Rapid Detection Of Pathogenic Bacteria With Immutable Ligands II. Mechanochemical Surface Modification Of Cellulose Nanocrystals "
(Advisor: Wei, A , 2015-2016 )

Mankani, Mr. Bharat

"Advances In Raman Hyperspectral Compressive Detection Instrumentation For Fast Label-Free Classification, Quantitation And Imaging"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , D , 2015-2016 )

Marcum, Mr. Christopher

"Fundamental Studies Of Collision-Activated Dissociation (CAD) Of Deprotonated Model Compounds Relevant To Lignin Degradation Products"
(Advisor: Kenttämaa, H , 2015-2016 )

Mitsuhashi, Mr. Wataru

"Non-Etching Preparation And Stereoselective Semi-Hydrogenation Of Potassium Trifluoropropynyltrifluoroborate For Vinylogous Trifluoromethylation"
(Advisor: Ramachandran, P , 2015-2016 )

Moon, Ms. Alena

"Analysis Of Scientific Argumentation In Two Physical Chemistry Classrooms Using The POGIL Approach"
(Advisor: Towns, M , 2015-2016 )

Newman (Pilo), Ms. Alice

"The Gas-Phase Oxidation Of Cationic Bioanalytes Via Ion/Ion Reactions"
(Advisor: McLuckey, S , 2015-2016 )

Newman, Mr. Justin

"At The Intersection Of X-Ray Diffraction And Nonlinear Optics"
(Advisor: Simpson, G , 2015-2016 )

Olsen, Ms. Karen

"Mechanism And Conformational Dynamics Of The Yeast Isoprenylcysteine Carboxyl Methyltransferase, STE14P"
(Advisor: Hrycyna, C , 2015-2016 )

Pletcher, Mr. Paul

"Kinetics And Mechanisms Of Amine Bis-Phenolate Polymerization Catalysts Featuring Titanium, Zirconium, Or Hafnium Centers"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar, M , 2015-2016 )

Pulliam, Mr. Christopher

"Mass Spectrometry Anywhere"
(Advisor: Cooks, G , 2015-2016 )

Rehrauer, Mr. Owen

"Multivariate Statistical Methods That Enable Fast Raman Spectroscopy"
(Advisor: Ben-Amotz , D , 2015-2016 )

Roman, Ms. Jessica

"Characterizing And Mimicking Marine Biomaterials And Developing A Method For Making Protein-Based Adhesives"
(Advisor: Wilker, J , 2015-2016 )

Schmitt, Mr. Paul

"Coupling Qualitative And Quantitative Analyses Of Pharmaceutical Materials Enabled By Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy"
(Advisor: Simpson, G , 2015-2016 )

Sheedlo, Mr. Michael

"Structural And Functional Studies Of Prokaryotic Enzymes Which Manipulate The Ubiquitin Landscape"
(Advisor: Das, C , 2015-2016 )

Stinson, Mr. Craig

"UV-induced Online Photochemical Reactions For Enhanced Biomolecule Structural Characterization on an ESI MS/MS Platform"
(Advisor: Xia, Y , 2015-2016 )

Sturtevant, Ms. Hanna

"Design, Implementation, And Evaluation Of A Hybrid SCALE-UP Model For General Chemistry Courses"
(Advisor: Weaver, G , 2015-2016 )

Sullivan, Mr. Shane

"Design And Development Of Non-Linear Optical Microscopy Data Acquisition And Analysis Techniques"
(Advisor: Simpson, G , 2015-2016 )

Tekane, Ms. Rethabile

"Processes For Identifying Important Chemistry And Biochemistry Concepts And Representations And Their Qualitative Assessment In Undergraduate Biology Courses"
(Advisor: Anderson, T , 2015-2016 )

Walsh, Mr. Patrick

"Single-Conformation Spectroscopy Of Hydrogen Bonding Networks: Solvation, Synthetic Foldamers, And Neurodegenerative Diseases"
(Advisor: Zwier, T , 2015-2016 )

Wei, Ms. Pu

"Method Development And Applications Of Spray-Based Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry"
(Advisor: Cooks, G , 2015-2016 )

Xiong, Ms. Fulizi

"Production And Degradation Of Isoprene-Derived Organic Nitrates In The Atmosphere"
(Advisor: Shepson, P , 2015-2016 )

Yan, Ms. Xin

"Novel Analytical And Preparative Mass Spectrometric Methodologies In Reaction Monitoring And Acceleration"
(Advisor: Cooks, G , 2015-2016 )

Yeh, Mr. Shu-Hao

"Excitation Energy Transfer In Photosynthetic Protein-Pigment Complexes"
(Advisor: Kais, S , 2015-2016 )

Zhang, Ms. Ximo

"Protein LC-MS Using Slip Flow Chromatography"
(Advisor: Wirth, M , 2015-2016 )

Babar, Mr. Aditya

"Biochemical Studies Of A Deubiquitinating Enzyme In Chlamydia Trachomatis"
(Advisor: Das, C , 2015-2016 )

Chamberlain, Mr. Kyle

"Purification And Preparation Of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins For NMR Spectroscopy"
(Advisor: Skrynnikov, N , 2015-2016 )

Hall, Mr. Derrick R.

"Homogeneous Catalysis Of Decontamination-Type Reactions With Organometallic And Polyoxometalate Manganese Complexes"
(Advisor: Ren, T , 2015-2016 )

Jones, Mr. Gavin

"Accessible Surface Area Of Common Silica Particle Types"
(Advisor: Wirth, M , 2015-2016 )

Opperwall, Ms. Stacey

"Modifying Diruthenium Paddlewheel Compounds Via Ligand Exchange Reactions"
(Advisor: Ren, T , 2015-2016 )

Ramachandra, Ms. Manasa

"Chlorite Dismutation To Chlorine Dioxide By Non-Heme Complexes"
(Advisor: Abu-Omar, M , 2015-2016 )

Ren, Ms. Jia

"Mass Spectrometry Analysis Of Carbohydrate And Cholesteryl Ester"
(Advisor: Xia, Y , 2015-2016 )

Rupp, Ms. Kortney

"Polymerizable Lipids For Controlled Functionalization Of Layered Materials"
(Advisor: Claridge, S , 2015-2016 )

Strauss, Mr. Kevin

"Metal-Promoted Self-Assembly Of Collagen Mimetic Peptides Into Biofunctional Scaffolds For Stem Cell Delivery With The Aim Of Tissue Regeneration"
(Advisor: Chmielewski, J , 2015-2016 )

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