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Malvern Nano-Z Zetapotential

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The Nano-Z measures zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility in aqueous and non-aqueous dispersions using Laser Doppler Micro-Electrophoresis. An electric field is applied to a solution of molecules or a dispersion of particles, which then move with a velocity related to their zeta potential. This velocity is measured using a patented laser interferometric technique called M3-PALS (Phase analysis Light Scattering). This enables the calculation of electrophoretic mobility, and from this, the zeta potential and zeta potential distribution.  Note:  This instrument cannot measure particle size.


  • Measurement range: 3.8 nm – 100 µm diameter
  • Minimum sample volume: 150 µL
  • Temperature range: 0 °C – 90 °C
  • Light source: He-Ne laser at 633 nm, 4 mW maximum power

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Malver Zetasizer