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Chmielewski Research Group News


Professor Jean Chmielewski
Purdue University Alice Watson Kramer Distinguished Professor Organic Chemistry/Chemical Biology

3-D Collagen Peptide Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

A collagen peptide mesh has been developed in Professor Jean Chmielewski’s Group in the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University that has strong potential as a scaffold for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The researchers recently reported on a metal-triggered, collagen-based peptide that rapidly assembles under physiological conditions into a fibrous 3-dimensional mesh (see figure).


Human endothelial cells were easily encapsulated and cultured within this collagen peptide network. The mesh could be disassembled using mild chelating agents, thereby allowing for the temporal release of cells and tissue encased within the scaffold.  All of these features point to a designed material that may have a range of applications in regenerative medicine.

Pires, M. M.; Przybyla, D.; Chmielewski, J. “A Metal-Collagen Peptide Framework for 3-Dimensional Cell Culture” Angewandte Chemie 200948, 7813-7817.

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