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Alumni News

New Chemistry Strategic Plan (12.31.2010)

Special Feature (12.31.2010)

Science Feature (12.31.2010)

Faculty Feature (12.01.2010)

Alumni Feature (12.01.2010)

Imaging tool to screen tiny tubes (11.16.2010)

Study on Detecting Breast Cancer Recurrence (11.01.2010)

Blind scholar, entrepreneur shares tips to increase students' interest in the sciences (10.29.2010)

Shepson and Purdue Team Test New Aviation Fuel (10.26.2010)

NSF Quantum Information Science Funding (09.30.2010)

Francisco serves on President's Committee (09.20.2010)

Discovering How Nature Makes Materials (09.20.2010)

2010 Outstanding Alumni (08.13.2010)

Purdue-IU team uncovers potential prostate cancer marker (08.06.2010)

Purdue Graduate assisting Coast Guard during Gulf Oil Spill Response (06.28.2010)

Gates Foundation Grant to Study Malaria Drug Resistance (05.19.2010)

Chmielewski receives 2010 Murphy Teaching Award (04.29.2010)

Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram receives honorary doctorate degree (04.28.2010)

Professor Arun Ghosh Awarded the 2010 IUPAC-Richter Prize (04.16.2010)

Dr. William E. Moore • 2010 College of Science Distinguished Alumni (03.30.2010)

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Research (03.24.2010)

James Newton (02.12.2010)

Ayanna Jackson (02.12.2010)

Hannah Bowman (02.12.2010)

Francisco featured in national magazine advertisement (02.12.2010)

2009 Outstanding Alumni (02.12.2010)

Lyudmila Slipchenko wins NSF CAREER award (01.19.2010)

Organometallic Molecular Wire Research (01.15.2010)

Chen Yang wins 2009 NSF Early-CAREER award (01.14.2010)

Francisco leads ACS (01.05.2010)