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Hannah Bowman


  • Bachelor of Science in ACS Chemistry with a minor in Theatre Technology & Design
  • 2010 ACS Analytical Chemistry Award

Hannah Bowman has always had Purdue connections. Her parents and high school chemistry teacher are alums. But it was more than Boilermaker pride that influenced her college choice. Hannah’s strong academic record at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis awarded her a Lilly-Purdue Alumni Scholarship to study chemistry here.

This fall she is headed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to pursue a Ph.D. in chemical biology focusing on pharmaceutical research and development. “Over the past three years I have done several projects in Professor Jean Chmielewski’s lab involving synthesizing and modifying collagen polypeptides to manipulate and study their tertiary structure,” says Bowman. “Hannah has a great love of science, and her excitement to be in a research lab has really been a joy to observe,” says Chmielewski.

Hannah leaves Purdue with a world-view of chemistry. Last spring she studied abroad in Uppsala, Sweden. She learned to connect with other international students and faculty through the daily Swedish coffee-break called fika. “The practice of fika extended into the classroom where the laid-back, friendly attitude of the Swedes was a refreshing change of pace,” explains Bowman.

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Hannah Bowman

Hannah Bowman
Purdue Chemistry
2010 Graduate