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Research Instrumentation Staff

Dr. Hilger

Ryan Hilger
RIC Manager
BRWN 4151
(765) 494-5234

Dr. Gou

Na Gou
RIC Laboratory Specialist
BRWN 3154A
(765) 494-7188

Dr. Bera

Aloke Bera
Senior Laboratory Specialist
BRWN 3154A

(765) 496-2216 (Cell: 765-491-4394)

Dr. Hedderich

Hartmut Hedderich
Senior Instrumentation Specialist
BRWN 4165B
(765) 494-6543

Dr. Everly

Mike Everly
Director of Amy Instrumentation Facility
BRWN 4151B
(765) 494-5232