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CHM 19700 Safety Intro

Lab Safety Requirements for 19700 students.

  1. Register and complete the "Purdue - University Laboratory Safety Fundamentals 2022" online module and exam.  Print the certificate and get a copy to Paul Bower, WTHR 173 OR attach the LSF "diploma" to email to so it can be recorded in Blackboard gradebook.  Also perform the Office Ergonomics and the Slips, Trips and Falls modules.  Each of these three modules are only done during your first year.
  2. Attend the 1-hour Chemical Hygeine Plan Live Training session (CHP2) given by Paul Bower, our Department Safety Coordinator.  These will be offered during the early part of each semester, and also during the summer.  These are Group Presentations!
  3. Chemical lab supervisors (professors overseeing research that USES ANY CHEMICALS) are to have a group-specific Chemical Hygiene Plan.  You must read the CHP that is specific to your group, and submit the "CHPAC"  (Awareness Certification.)  There are some professors whose research does not include any chemical use (computational only, education theory...) and there is not a CHP requirement in those groups.
  4. Complete PPE online exercise.  Complete training cert and submit to Paul B.
  5. Complete the online Building Emergency Plan training  FOR THE BUILDING YOU'LL BE IN WHEN AT THE LAB. You may have done this and uploaded the training cert to Blackboard. Print a copy of the actual online BEP Certificate from the safety website (which includes knowing who your safety rep is, and where your emergency exit route is), and get it to Paul Bower, WTHR 173.

There are six training certs that need to go to Paul, which are 1, 3, 4, and 5 shown above, and are required for keys to BRWN/WTHR.  Not all 19700 researchers get keys, in fact most do not, as nobody is supposed to work alone with hazards, and if you have a key, it is for letting yourself in to do work that is extremely unlikely to hurt you.  Reading, writing...  No hazards.

Send email requesting help if help is needed to