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Body Cover Safety and Lab Coats

Lab Coats Burning 9/23/2013

(Yes it would be better if the demo burning lab coats were the same color but the REM people who did this used what they had.)

In Laboratories where work with hazardous chemicals is undertaken:

For work with flammable liquids (in any quantity) or work with open flames, no polyester or other flammable synthetic fiber content in a lab coat (or clothing) is safe unless the fabric has been treated with flame retardant. Your clothing fiber content is unlikely to be policed but your labcoat is expected to have no or very low flammable synthetic fiber content.

For work with large (>1 L opened) flammable liquids, or any work with pyrophorics or extremely moisture sensitive chemicals (e.g. Grignards), flame retardant protection is the only adequately protective lab coat option, and your clothing you wear under the lab coat should be chosen with safety in mind as well.
(Updated 10/15/2013.)

These are not the only options but these are some special prices that VRW has given us, October 2013.

Cotton lab coat quote (click to enlarge)

Cotton Lab Coat Quote

Flame Resistant lab coat quote (click to enlarge)

Fire Resistant Lab Coat Quote

The cottom lab coat is white (says WHT in the VWR catalog that catalog number.

The FR coat appears to be pale blue and VWR picure is here:

Fire Resistant lab coat photo