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How To Register

If you have a written or verbal agreement with a faculty member to participate in undergraduate research in their group, you will need to add CHM 49900 to your schedule of classes. It is recommended to add CHM 49900 before the end of Week 4 (for F24, this is Sept 13).

Remember to read the CHM 49900 Syllabus and discuss additional requirements with your research advisor.

NOTE: Do not add CHM 49900 to your Course Request Form!

To add through Scheduling Assistant (after 04/22) for Fall 2024:

STEP 1: Add One Credit

  1. Log into and go to the Registration page, then select Use Scheduling Assistant.
  2. In the upper right, make sure it says Fall 2024(PWL).
  3. On the Class Schedule page, and select "Add/Drop Classes" (lower left).
  4. Type in CHM 49900. There are two ways to select your professor's section:
    1. On the first empty line, type CHM 49900, Click the “List of Classes” tab and select your professor's CRN, the click the "Select" button.
    2. There is a bug that pops up another list of professors: click on the line with you professor's name and CRN.
    3. If you do not see your professor in Step a, Click any professor, and it should pull up the list in blue text with the proper list of professors.
  5. You will get a Registration Error. Ithe pop-up box,  click the Request Approvals button.
  6. In the Override Request Comment Box, you must state the total number of credits you'd like to register for ("e.g., "I would like one credit/two credits/etc"). Do NOT use the prewritten comments.
  7. Click Submit Schedule. This will send the approval for the class and number of credits to your research professor, but will only register you for ONE credit. Follow directions below to request more than one credit.

STEP 2: How to Request More than One Credit of Research:

  1. Confirm that you have registered for one credit of CHM 49900 by checking your class list on the Academics page of myPurdue.
  2. Go to myPurdue/Registration/Use Scheduling Assistant.
  3. Click on tab Grade Modes & Credits and select CHM 49900.
  4. In the pop-up that will appear, click on the drop-down in Credit.
  5. Select the number of credits you want to take.
  6. Click on Submit Changes.
  7. You should then go back to Scheduling Assistant in a day or two and confirm that credits (and title, professor, etc.) are correct.

Remember to complete the Departmental safety training, which is required before starting research.