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Scientific Glass Blowing Lab

The Scientific Glass Blowing Lab is fully equipped to provide the services expected from a precision glass shop and much more. In addition to consulting/designing and fabricating scientific apparatus such as reaction vessels and Schlenk lines, the shop has capacities to cast 3D forms, evacuate/back fill glass vessels, and apply protective coatings to glassware. The shop also offers student instruction and artistic pieces for awards/gifts for special occasions.

The lab has walk in consultation and drop-off/pick-up 1:30-2:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


  • Consultation and design
  • Borosilicate and quartz capabilities
  • On-site fabrication, modification, and repair
  • Glass/ceramic cutting, grinding, and polishing
  • Evacuation and backfill
  • Surface coating (silvering & plastic)
  • Optical windows
  • Glass casting of solid, large items
  • Scientific glassblowing courses
  • Artistic glass working

Glass Blower

Jordan Smith



Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry - Room 427

Using Facility

Campus users are welcomed to stop in to discuss the work needed. All work will require an on-line request to be submitted via the iLab Solutions web-based glass lab request system.


  • Purdue Chemistry Department:  $65/hr plus materials
  • Purdue West Lafayette Campus: $105/hr plus materials
  • Other Non-Profit: $164/hr plus materials
  • Other For-Profit: $195/hr plus materials