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Professional help options

So you think you are too stressed and do not feel that you can effectively manage it on your own? Or the idea of managing it on your own is stressful itself?

Below are several options for getting professional help:

  • Purdue Counseling and Psychological Services  (CAPS) - Introduction to CAPS video 
    • Schedule an appointment by calling 765-494-6995; The first appointment is a brief phone screening after which you will have an initial consultation where you talk more in depth about your situation and what an appropriate path forward might be (Group therapy, brief individual therapy at CAPS, or therapy by a provider in the community)
    • Group therapy: Understanding Self and Other Graduate Student Group. Group Listings can be a great option. Group therapy has many benefits including hearing from others who are having similar experiences and also having the opportunity to get outside your own head. Additionally, it is FREE!
    • Online resources such as WellTrack an interactive self-help therapy app.
    • CAPS YouTube videos
  • Teladoc (PDF)
    • Provides online access to psychologists and medication management support
    • Covered at 100% for students on Purdue student health plan
  • Purdue Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics - PPTRC
    • Psychology clinic for Lafayette and West Lafayette
    • Training facility for Clinical Psychology program (staff members are qualified psychologists in-training who are supervised by faculty from the Clinical Psychology graduate program)
    • $25 initial fee followed by sliding scale payment
  • Mental Health Providers Outside of Purdue
    • You can access a complete list of mental health providers (292 unique providers serving at various locations) that are in-network with graduate student healthcare (UHCSR) within Tippecanoe County
  • Purdue Thriving Campus
    • Service that provides students a way to search for mental health providers in many areas, locally and across the country
  • Teletherapy (Online therapy)
    • Online therapy is also an option with Grad Staff insurance. If you are not on a Grad Staff insurance plan, you can still check to see if your insurance covers teletherapy.
    • Search for therapists in the area
      • Filter by your insurance (Anthem, BCBS, Blue Cross Blue Shield) to find someone inside of your insurance provider network
      • Find someone who matches your needs and make sure they offer online therapy
      • Reach out to the therapist via the Psychology today email service and set up an intake appointment.
    • Teletherapy is 100% covered with unlimited sessions by Grad Staff health insurance. Make sure to verify what your insurance covers.
      • Call the Member Services number on the back of your insurance card and ask the following questions:
        • Does my plan cover mental health insurance benefits?
        • What is my deductible?
        • How many sessions are covered?
        • What is the coverage amount per session?
        • Does my plan cover teletherapy?