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Signs that you are too stressed

  • Are you able to perform basic everyday functions (e.g. sleeping, showering, and eating normally)? If not, then you are too stressed
  • Are you able to cope with the things that you need to do? Are you able to do your homework or lab work? If you are so stressed that you feel paralyzed/unable to perform your duties, you are too stressed.
  • Have you begun drinking more or using other substances to deal with your stress? If so, then you are too stressed.
  • Do you still get enjoyment out of activities you have previously enjoyed? If not, you might be too stressed (or suffering from depression, which can also appear as stress/anxiety)
  • Have your friends/family/loved ones commented on changes in your behavior, personality, and/or self-care?

Please note that these are not the only signs that you might be too stressed/need help. However, they are a good place to start!