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Chem Ed group photoThe Purdue University Chemistry Department is committed to the preparation of its students, staff and faculty to succeed in a workforce and global community that is becoming increasingly diverse. To do this successfully its climate must foster a culture of inclusion – one that is open, welcoming and nurturing to everyone, regardless of rank or position of authority.

All academic departments strive for preeminence, but to be preeminent, a department must create and sustain an environment that is immersed in a rich culture of diversity. Only then can its members be successful, both at Purdue and in our evolving global society. Such a department will foster mutually supportive human relations as well as enable its members to not only identify, but also reject, stereotypical misconceptions and misperceptions. Addressing issues involving harassment and the abuse of authority will foster diversity as well as benefit all members of our departmental community - one mechanism is our Equity Advisors.

The recruitment and retention of underrepresented students, staff and faculty is essential to creating and sustaining departmental diversity. Retention is enhanced by assuring that service on committees is equitably distributed, salary decisions are transparent and professional advancement is encouraged. Retention in all categories is adversely impacted by the relative isolation experienced by underrepresented groups, both within the department and within the larger academic community.

We are proud that our Department is dealing from strength as we strive towards these goals. Using the latest available data, we were highly-ranked in these areas:

  • First in the nation in the number of Native American doctoral recipients.
  • Top-ten in the nation in the number of African-American doctoral recipients.
  • Top-ten in the nation in the number of Hispanic doctoral recipients.
  • Top-ten in representation and growth in Ph.D. degrees granted to women.
  • Overall, second in the nation in the number of Ph.D degrees granted to members of underrepresented minorities (with a #1 ranking for URM growth.)
  • Consistently ranked at the top of the 50 chemistry research departments in the number of women faculty since 2007.
  • Presented the Violet Haas Award recognizing departments at Purdue that have effectively facilitated the advancement of women.
  • The Committee on Minority Affairs selected Professor Jean Chmielewski as the 2017 recipient of the Stanley C. Israel Regional Award for Advancing Diversity in the Chemical Sciences for the Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

We also note that the efforts outlined herein mesh well with analogous goals that are outlined within the Purdue College of Science’s strategic plan, and the University’s plan for diversity entitled MOSAIC.

Plan for Broadening Participation in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry has adopted a plan for broadening participation in Chemistry. This document is available on line at