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Vertical Air Profiler

High Bandwidth PMT

A Look Inside the Amy Facility

The Amy Facility is a hub for original instrumentation creation, project work and repairs in the Brown Laboratory of Chemistry.  

Purdue News recently featured Chemistry's Miri Niedrauer and her story of persistence. See her video, which includes a brief mention of a project here in the Amy Facility. Niedrauer

Congratulations to Dr. Scott McLuckey and his team for their NSF Special Creativity Extension recognition.

 McLuckey Team

Team members and the prototype instrument (L-R Josh Johnson, Scott McLuckey, Greg Eakins, Ian Carrick, Kenny Lee (seated), Ryan Hilger.)

Several Amy Facility staff members have been involved in the DARPA Make-It Project that was featured in Purdue News.

Purdue Tech Transfer recently noted work done by Amy Facility staff Jim Zimmerman and Ryan Hilger on a novel method for heated tubing.