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Airborne Laboratory Atmospheric Research (ALAR)


The ALAR platform, developed for Dr. Paul Shepson, is a Beechcraft Duchess Light Twin Engine airplane, equipped with an air flow measurement probe, a BAT probe (Best Air Turbulence probe) and dual air sample intakes. In the right inset, the nose cone has been removed to display the custom mount probe and GPS antenna. The left inset shows the ALAR instrument power supply designed and built by the Amy Facility.

Alar Publications

Garman, K. E., K. A. Hill, et al. (2006). "An airborne and wind tunnel evaluation of a wind turbulence measurement system for aircraft-based flux measurements." Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 23(12): 1696-1708.

Garman, K. E., P. Wyss, et al. (2008). "The contribution of variability of lift-induced upwash to the uncertainty in vertical winds determined from an aircraft platform." Boundary-Layer Meteorology 126(3): 461-476.