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8-Channel RF Signal Generator


This RF signal generator is used to drive a Rotating Wall Mass Analyzer (RWMA).  It provides 8 signal outputs that are connected to electrodes in the RWMA, each precisely phase shifted by 45° increments.  The frequency and the amplitude of the output waveform are user adjustable through two knobs on the front panel.  Changes to the output settings appear on the output simultaneously


When ions are sent through this rotating electric field, it causes a dispersion of ions by mass onto a detection surface. 



General Specifications: 

Amplitude Range: 5V-100V
Amplitude Matching:±1Vp-p
Frequency Range: 100Hz to 100kHz
Phase Accuracy: ±0.01°
8-Channel RF Supply


Research Group:
Julia Laskin, Chemistry
Lab Contact:
Michael Espenship, Chemistry
Amy Contact:
Greg Eakins, Chemistry