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Carbon Fiber Tubing

The Carbon Fiber Tubing Heater was developed as a solution for heating Teflon or other flexible plastic tubing for use in Liquid Chromatography applications. The tubing is surrounded by a braided carbon fiber sleeve and heated as current is passed through the carbon fiber. The Carbon Fiber Heated Tubing is a novel idea in several ways. Current methods of heating small diameter tubing have been quite cumbersome, labor intensive and difficult to manufacture and usually provide inconsistent heating of the tubing surface area. The Carbon Fiber heater is always in constant and even contact with the tubing, providing consistent heating throughout its length, while still remaining flexible.

Jim Zimmerman and Ryan Hilger worked to develop the unique carbon fiber heater, initially intended to heat small diameter flexible heated gas-phase transfer lines. The technology has now been licensed to U.K. company Alconbury-Weston LLC with a patent pending. Jim, with the help of most of his Amy Facility co-workers, has also used the same technology to make a 100 foot long 0.5 inch diameter heated transfer line for Dr. Paul Shepson's research at the UMBS site at Pellston Michigan.