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Sample Submission, Powder and Multicrystalline XRD

Scheduling Instrument Time or Placing a Service Request

Trained users can schedule instrument time on the Empyrean powder X-ray diffractometer via Purdue's iLab web interface. Click the "Schedule Equipment" tab and then click the "View Schedule" button to access the calendar and schedule measurement times.

The staff of the facility offers service data collection for Purdue as well as offsite users. Please contact the crystallographer and submit a powder XRD sample submission form

Independent Use of the Empyrean Powder X-ray Diffractometer

The instrument is available for independent use, under the guidance of the crystallographer, for both Purdue researchers and visiting collaborators. Please contact the crystallographer if you would like to be trained on the use of the instrument and being granted off-hour access to the facility.

Users will have to pass Purdue’s Office of Radiological and Environmental Management’s (REM) X-ray Diffraction and Crystallography X-Ray Training quiz (scroll down to X-ray Diffraction and Crystallography), following the guidelines set by the State of Indiana. You do not need to fill out the A4 form.

No instrument training or scheduling of instrument time is required for use of the software or data bases installed on the instrument control computer, but priority access is given to instrument users with a scheduled time slot. Please contact the crystallographer if you would like to use software or data bases only.


2021 Powder XRD Instrument Usage Rates:
Users Rates
Purdue campus users (staff run) 1) $66 / hr
Purdue campus users (self run) $11 / hr
Non-Purdue academic users (staff run) 1) $102 / hr
Other non commercial (non-profits, PUIs, etc) please inquire
Commercial customers / For profit (self run) $35 / hr off-hours 2)
$70 / hr peak hours 2)
Commercial customers / For profit (staff run) 1) $200 / hr
Data analysis assistance / consulting $65 / hr

1) See the powder XRD submission forms for data collection and analysis options

2) Peak hours: Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm