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Sample Submission, Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction

Samples for single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis from Purdue users should be submitted using the Purdue iLab web interface. Navigate to the X-ray Crystallography Laboratory page on the list of Core Facilities. Click the "Request Services" tab and select "Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction" ("Self Run" for trained users, "Service Request" for samples to be run by facility staff).

Non-Purdue users, please fill out a single crystal submission form (Word) and contact the crystallographer.

Sample preparation: Please carefully read and follow the sample preparation guidelines

The laboratory is designed to provide high quality single crystals X-ray data, usually within 48 hours to a few days of submission. Learn more information.


Single Crystal Instrument Usage Rates, Full Data Collections, 2021 rates: 1), 2)

Users Rates

Purdue campus users (crystallographer run):

$93 / structure

Purdue campus users (student run):

$38 / structure

Non-Purdue academic (PhD granting Universities or Colleges): $144 / structure
Other non commercial (non-profits, PUIs, etc) please inquire

Commercial customers:

$1000 / structure

Assistance with data analysis / consulting

$65 / hr

1) Crystal screening and evaluation as well as unit cell determinations are provided at no charge

2) Full data sets that do not yield a usable structure, if collected in consultation with the crystallographer, do incur no charges