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Local Rules


Supervisor (print):


Assessment Date(s): MAY 2009

Location(s) posted: WTHR 560

Hazards Task: hands-on work or being within reach(a) of potential hazards of described activity/items:

Minimum Requirements

splash to eye or particle to eye

being in the room

Safety glasses with side shields at all times when in room

within 10 ft of unshielded amount > 100 mL any potentially injurious liquid

Chemical splash goggles

skin damage, poisoning,

being in the room

skin covered from collarbone to elbows and over knees, including all midriff, with full and sturdy shoes covering all of feet.  (Forearms and lower leg may be uncovered.)

within 10 ft of unshielded amount > of any toxic, reactive, or flammable substance or mixture add clothing or apron or lab coat cover to forearms and lower leg.
hand damage, ingestion/absorption exposure touching any container of any chemicals nitrile disposable gloves.

individual toxic chemicals will require different gloves, see MSDS for recommended glove types, follow instructions.  REMOVE GLOVES at any contact of chemical, WASH HANDS AT ONCE, for 15 sec minimum, after removing gloves.


  1. Being within reach of potential hazards: "within reach" varies widely depending on scale and conditions of work and will be judged by affected staff in each room.
  2. Unshielded: not behind a drawn hood sash or blast shield.

Other rules for behavior and protective equipment in WTHR 560:

  • All doors are to be closed at all times all staff are away. If there is a problem with this, the rule will change to all doors closed at all times.
  • All CHP policies will be upheld. See
  • No horse play, no "gag" labels on chemicals, absolutely no reckless or roughhouse behavior at any time.
  • Take care to keep eyewash and shower, fire suppression sprinklers, and fire extinguishers UNOBSTRUCTED.
  • NO ONE is to use the fire extinguisher. GET OUT and pull the evacuation alarm, no matter how small the fire.
  • "Err on the side of caution" and if anybody gives you crap about it later, send them to me.
  • Staff will be removed from the group roster for not following safety rules, possibly not even one warning, depending on severity of infraction.
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