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Odor problems

FOR MAJOR ODOR PROBLEMS CALL 911, tell them what is going on, and get out. You are not to remain in an area you believe to be hazardous to your health. Period. Doesn't matter how important your work is, it is never more important than your health.

For problems which are not believed to be dangerous to your health, call the general Chem Shop phone number 45209 and describe what is going on, and as soon as possible log the event. Note time, date, location(s), people you talked to, comments, observations, ideas. Use this form or one like it. Check all floor and sink drains. If the odor is in an area on BRWN 3rd, 4th, 5th, focus some attention at the north and south walls (window areas); there are or were areas where cup-sink drains were removed and drains paneled over without adequate capping. Check the rooms north and south and east and west and above and below you. Check your refrigerator and coffee maker and the mechanical chase where your air handler is located, if it is located in a chase. (Seriously, this is where many odors are traced to.)

The CHM Safety Committee roster might help put you in touch with someone on your floor who, if available, will help you track down and/or describe the odor.  They may or may not have time to drop what they're doing to help. There are no staff members to simply "handle it" for you. Odors generally get away very quickly, and solving them is a problem that requires fast action (making observations and taking notes) by whoever is right there where the problem is. This is probably going to be you.