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CHP training

REM provides a Purdue-credentials-protected portal from which Purdue students and staff are to access the Vivid Learning Systems Laboratory Safety (LSF) Module.

IF you have not already registered with Vivid you must first register.  It is recommended but not required that you use your Purdue alias (User name you log ITaP computers, etc.)  If you registered using your Purdue alias but cannot remember the password you used (it does NOT sync with yoour Purdue password), a password reset is available.

Other notes:

  • "User ID" is not PUID; it is whatever you put in the User ID field when you first registered with Vivid, and a Purdue Vivid administrator () can look you up in the system and tell you what your User ID is,

  • They ask for an "Employee ID" and this is whhere the PUID goes.  Even if you are not an employee.

  • Use your name as it appears in University records.

  • The email address you enter will be what helps you recover log-in access if you forget either or both your User ID or passsword.

  • PLEASE do not register more than once.