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Hydrogen Fluoride and Hydrofluoric Acid references and policies

HF is life/death serious, even in small quantities when not extremely concentrated.  Pay very close attention, and always HAVE ALL APPROPRIATE FIRST AID SUPPLIES (fresh) at hand. 

1 - 8 are required reading for approval of HF use, and are covered on the test. The last one, #9, provides technical information for which few will have any need or use, but you must know of its existence and where it can be found.

  1. First Aid & Treatment -- Honeywell (PDF)
  2. Purdue Requirements for users and rooms (Word)
  3. MSDS 49% (PDF)
  4. MSDS anhydrous (PDF)
  5. Some HF facts (PowerPoint)
  6. Berkeley fact sheet (PDF)
  7. Lab HF fatality
  8. By what mechanism....cause death?
  9. Properties -- Honeywell (PDF)

Generic Training Record blank form [pdf] [docx]