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Undergraduate Opportunities

Study abroad opportunities, community outreach, and research programs are just a few of the benefits of our Undergraduate Program. Here's what a few of our recent graduates say about Purdue Chemistry:

Adam photo

Major: Chemistry, Honors Physics
Minors: Mathematics
After Purdue: Ph.D. Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, University of Chicago
“Through several projects with Professors Tong Ren, Adam Wasserman, and Graham Cooks, I was able to experience many interesting facets of chemistry and develop general research skills. Without holding your hand, Purdue gives you everything you need to build yourself into the person you want to be. It is a fantastic place to receive an undergraduate education.”


Major: ACS Chemistry
Minors: Biological Sciences
After Purdue: Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Purdue
“Purdue is an awesome place that really helped me develop as a person. From working in Dr. Lyon's lab for two years to a summer internship with BASF, these experiences allowed me to explore my educational and professional interests. And I will always remember the music and wonderful social, educational, and cultural experiences I gained as a member of the All-American Marching Band.”

Aysha photo

Major: ACS Biochemistry
Minors: Forensic Science
After Purdue: Medical School
“Some rewarding experiences for me were working in the Low Lab and as a College of Science Ambassador. Purdue is a place to thrive if you’re ready to do some hard work. There are hundreds of opportunities and they can be as useful as you make them.”

Brad photo

Major: Chemistry
After Purdue: Ph.D. Chemical Biology, Notre Dame
“I want to use chemistry to focus on helping people. That's one of the main things that I've really enjoyed about my research here in Professor Low’s lab and internships at Roche Diagnostic – I could really see the end goal and the benefits that the things that I worked on really could have on society.”

Chris photo

Major: Chemistry
Minors: Biochemistry
After Purdue: M.S. Biochemistry, IU School of Medicine 
“Having industry experience is crucial to gaining meaningful employment in the current employment landscape, and Purdue's reputation has allowed me to gain an insight into industrial practices. In addition to working in Professor Low's lab for five semesters, I did a summer internship for Mead Johnson Nutrition in their Quality Control Department and have accepted a summer position at Elanco Animal Health (Eli Lilly's Animal Health division) in their Analytical Chemistry department.”

Emma photo

Major: Chemistry, German Language and Culture
After Purdue: Renewable energy industry R&D
“A rewarding experience was joining Women in Science Program (WISP) my freshman year. It was an amazing way to get acquainted with Purdue. I was randomly assigned a roommate who was also in WISP and we have lived together all four years – she is a lifelong friend. In addition, WISP gave me the opportunity to talk to successful women in all fields of science, and learn about all of my options for post-Purdue life.”

Eric photo

Major: Biochemistry, Spanish
After Purdue: I.U. Medical School
“I studied abroad in Madrid during the second semester of my junior year. This was an incredible experience that greatly broadened my cultural perspective and helped me make some of my closest friends. I was able to travel much of Europe all while studying in one of Spain’s major metropolitan areas.”

Irene photo

Major: ACS Biochemistry 
Minors: Psychology
After Purdue: M.S. Chemical Engineering, Columbia University 
“With my campus involvement, I've had the honor of presenting to potential new students during admissions events. Something I've never failed to mention is that despite being over 2,000 miles from home, Purdue truly becomes your home away from home. The sense of community here, all of the amazing opportunities there are to take advantage of, and most importantly the people that make Purdue by far the best university out there.”

Jacob photo

Major: ACS Biochemistry
Minors: Mathematics
After Purdue: Graduate School at the University of Pittsburgh
“Purdue is a great university for chemistry with outstanding faculty. They really do care about the students, and I think you would be hard pressed to find faculty members who aren't willing to help struggling students. The chemistry department also provides many opportunities for students to become engaged and develop themselves as scientists.”

Jaron photo

Major: ACS Chemistry, Physics Honors
Minors: Mathematics, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
After Purdue: Ph.D. Physical Inorganic Chemistry, Caltech
“My four years of research experience with Professor Suzanne Bart allowed me to develop scientific research skills and build lasting friendships. Purdue has offered every type of opportunity for me to excel as a scientist.”

jiawei photo

Major: Chemistry
Minors: Biology
After Purdue: Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Science, University of Southern California
“I worked in Professor Mingji Dai's organic synthesis group and Professor Tonglei Li's Pharmaceutical Science lab. This experience helped me understand the drug development pipeline and my decision to pursue a graduate school research direction.”

Jinpeng photo

Major: Chemistry
After Purdue: Ph.D. Michigan
“I really care that the chemistry I am learning will someday help people in real life. Working with Professor Chengde Mao in his lab doing DNA research has been valuable experience. Purdue has provided me with many opportunities.”

Junchen photo

Major: Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
After Purdue: Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State
“Working in Dr. Mei’s and Dr. Yang's lab definitely shaped my future decision in atomic layer deposition research. And, my study abroad experience at Polytechnic University of Milan helped me learn more about oil and petrochemical industries around the world. The vast resources that Purdue can provide will help every student to be successful in their future career.”

Kathryn photo

Major: Chemistry
After Purdue: Ph.D. Chemistry, MIT
“When I was trying to select which university to attend for my undergraduate degree, I remember my aunt asking me if I wanted to be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond. I found that Purdue is a place where I can be a big fish in a big pond. There are so many opportunities here where students can achieve great things. From classes and research, to clubs and scholarships, I truly feel like I lived my undergraduate experience to the fullest.”

Kenny photo

Major: Biochemistry
Minors: Biological Sciences
After Purdue: Ph.D. Biochemistry, Purdue
“One of my passionate goals is to improve the quality of healthcare through discoveries in science. Here at Purdue, I was able to work under Dr. Jianguo Mei to develop a water soluble conjugated oligomer with hopes of applying it for a contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging. In addition, the support that my professors, especially Dr. Lipton and Dr. Shah, gave me was phenomenal in helping me determine my path.”

kiet photo

Major: Biochemistry, Neurobiology/Physiology
After Purdue: Medical School
“A rewarding experience for me was my time researching in the Tantama Lab. I had such a phenomenal experience working in the lab. Not only did I gain an immense amount of knowledge, research experience, and skills, I was able to make my own contributions to projects and advancements for a strong cause.”

krissy photo

Major: Atmospheric Science
Minors: Environmental & Ecological Engineering
After Purdue: Climate change researcher
“I deeply care about being a well-rounded, multi-perspective scientist and my research with the Shepson Group has been the very best experience I've had at Purdue. From assisting with projects involving aerosol formation and wall loss in controlled atmospheric research chambers, to the analysis of urban greenhouse gas emission data collected from flight campaigns, I've learned so much about my field, my career goals, and my passion for both.”

Liangxuan photo

Major: Chemistry
After Purdue: Ph.D in Physical Chemistry, University of Southern California
“Purdue is an outstanding university with great teaching and research faculty. I worked in Professor Ben-Amotz’s lab for one year and a summer. We focused on hydration shell of molecules by Raman spectroscopy and densitometry and my project was measuring partial molar volumes of substances with a densimeter. Purdue has been my second home and has set me on a path of future accomplishment.”

Macy photo

Major: Chemistry
After Purdue: Chemist, NASA Kennedy Space Center
“My passion is space exploration and I want to have a part in returning the U.S. to space and exploring our solar system again, whether that be returning to the moon or pushing ahead to Mars. The mentors and professors I've met, the friends I've made, and the experiences I've had here make leaving bittersweet. Fortunately, I feel ready and excited for life beyond college. Purdue will always be a special place to me and I'm very proud to be a Boilermaker.”

Sahej photo

Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
After Purdue: Medical School
“My most rewarding experience at Purdue has been my undergraduate research. Working in Dr. Hrycyna's laboratory these past four years has been a phenomenal experience both personally and academically. I was not only able to learn an expansive range of techniques and background information on my project, but I also started to appreciate that scientific investigation is not just about obtaining results; it is a process of learning by overcoming obstacles. Additionally, I have cultivated long-lasting personal relationships with my mentor and lab members that will extend beyond my time at Purdue.”

Samyukta photo

Major: ACS Chemistry
Minor: Forensics Science 
After Purdue: Ph.D. Chemistry, Georgia Tech
“My undergraduate research with Dr. Thompson and Dr. Ben-Amotz were some of the most valuable experiences at Purdue. They shaped my interests in science and research and guided me toward my next step in life. Moreover, tutoring in the chemistry resource room is another rewarding experience at Purdue that helped me grow personally and intellectually.”

Shijie photo

Major: ACS Chemistry
After Purdue: Ph.D. UNC
“Purdue is a fantastic school that has provided me with valuable knowledge and research experience. This has set me on a path where I am most interested in the therapeutic science, such as antimicrobial reagent and anticancer drug research.”

Sonia photo

Major: Chemistry
Minor: Economics
After Purdue:Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry at the University of Manchester (UK) and Bioinformatics Institute of Singapore
“Purdue is a great university with numerous opportunities for undergraduate research as well as other ways to get involved. I have been working as a research assistant in Dr. Low's lab for the past two years which gave me the opportunity to engage in meaningful drug discovery research, expand my skillset and apply everything I learned in my chemistry courses. This experience helped me mature as a researcher and brought me one step closer to my goal of using computational chemistry to make positive contributions in drug discovery.”

stephanie photo

Major: ACS Chemistry, Biochemistry
After Purdue: Ph.D. in immunology, University of Colorado - Denver
“I volunteered for the ‘You Be the Scientist’ event at the Indiana State Fair through Alpha Chi Sigma. I got the opportunity to show kids the fun of science. I think that is every scientist's greatest dream - igniting someone else's passion for science and being part of the inspiration for them to choose a scientific career.”

Teresa photo

Major: ACS Chemistry
Minors: Philosophy, Math, and Statistics
After Purdue: Environmental field chemist
“Purdue is very STEM oriented but also has rich opportunities in the arts if one is willing to look. I never danced before coming to college and now it is one of my passions. I have been involved in several dance groups and even choreographed a piece for the Xperimental Dance Performance. The arts give us a valuable skill of thinking outside the box which can be applied to practical issues.”

Trent photo

Major: ACS Biochemistry
After Purdue: Medical School, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
“I have participated in undergraduate research in the Das Lab, including participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). It has been a really great experience for me to learn more about the fundamental science research that helps inform medicine that I will practice in the future. Purdue and the Chemistry Department have allowed me the flexibility to build my undergraduate experience around my own interests very well.”

Vani photo

Major: Chemistry and Applied Mathematics 
After Purdue: Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of California at Santa Barbara
“My coursework and activities outside of class have been valuable at Purdue. My undergraduate organic research has instilled an admiration for scientific discovery. I gained vital industrial experience with my internship at BASF. My teaching assistantship in Math helped me better understand and apply basic scientific concepts. And, my involvement in the Higher Ground Dance Company was a great way to de-stress and continue my love for dance.”

Wanna photo

Major: Biochemistry
After Purdue: Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia 
“I really care about research and diversity. I worked as an independent undergraduate researcher in Professor Wei's group and gained a great foundation for my future in graduate school. I found myself getting to know group members from countries like China, Puerto Rico, USA, Japan, Korean, Kazakhstan, and Turkey. I worked closely with my international colleagues, learning new cultures and developing interpersonal skills.”

William photo

Major: Biology
After Purdue: Fulbright Scholar, Pasteur Institute
“Working in Professor Lyon’s research lab has given me an opportunity to see the processes through which scientific knowledge is obtained and participate in that discovery. I have a unique perspective of what I have learned in the classroom because I can truly appreciate the time and effort dedicated to every discovery.”

Yanying photo

Major: ACS Chemistr
Minor: Chinese
After Purdue: Newell Brands – Elmer’s R&D
“One of the most rewarding experiences has been the people I met and the friends I made along the way during my time at Purdue. My friends, who are my trusted lab partners since freshman year, have encouraged me to achieve more every day and helped me when I needed it the most. This is a place where your opportunities and resources are endless if you are willing to put in the effort to find them. Along the way, you may also find what you are truly passionate about and the courage to pursue it.”


Major: ACS Chemistry, Biochemistry
Minor: Economics
After Purdue: Ph.D. Biochemistry, Cornell University
“I have definitely learned a lot from the undergraduate research experience at Purdue. I joined Dr. Kenttämaa's lab my sophomore year and did undergraduate research for 5 semesters. I was trained to use instruments such as high-performance liquid chromatography and linear quadrupole ion trap. I learned how a research lab was organized and how to present a research idea. Making friends with the other undergraduate students and my graduate mentors was an excellent experience.”

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