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Undergraduate Opportunities

Class of 2024 Seniors Group Photo

Congratulations to the seniors in our Undergraduate Program! Here is what's next for some in the Class of 2024:


Major: ACS Chemistry, Minor: English

After Purdue: PhD in Organic Chemistry at UC Berkeley

"I have been engaged in research in the Department of Chemistry since my first year. Working in the Uyeda lab has provided me the opportunity to learn synthetic chemistry and master laboratory skills in a very hands-on research environment, while also allowing me to be creative and lead my own research processes."


Major: Chemistry

After Purdue: Chemistry Associate, Evonik

"Purdue will give you the opportunity to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do and then more. Last summer, I got the opportunity to study abroad in Sydney, Australia. I’ve also been involved in the Multicultural Science Programs where I first felt a sense of community and belonging and I’ve gained lifelong friends and memories through the Purdue Golden Silks."


Major: Chemistry, Minor: Forensics

After Purdue: Master of Science in Forensic Science with a concentration in Toxicology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City

"I was nervous to attend Purdue so far away from home, but the university has offered balance in many areas of my life. From studying analytical chemistry in Dr. Alexander Laskin’s lab, mentoring in the Women in Science Program to singing in the Purdue Choir. I met some of my best friends here and wouldn't have traded my experience for the world."


Major: ACS Chemistry, Minor: Math

After Purdue: Ph.D. Organic Chemistry

"Research experience in Professor Zhong-Yin Zhang’s lab was an important part of my undergraduate education. It exposed me to the process of formulating research questions, designing experiments, and analyzing results. It was invaluable, and I’ll carry it on to grad school."


Major: Chemistry

After Purdue: M.S. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder

"Over the last four years at Purdue, I have spent a great deal of time dedicating myself to helping others by volunteering at the Lafayette Transitional Housing Center and by leading a group of students in the Get Onboard Active Learning Program at nearby elementary schools. These rewarding experiences have motivated me to pursue a career in which I know I will be making scientific advancements that will benefit the health of others."


Major: Biochemistry, Minor: German

After Purdue: Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Minnesota

"Tutoring in the Chemistry Resource Room allowed me to approach old concepts from different angles and to be adaptable when teaching students with different learning styles. I enjoyed helping others gain a deeper understanding of chemistry, while also expanding my previous knowledge."


Major: Biochemistry

After Purdue: Cancer immunology research at the Colorado University Anshutz Medical Campus and then graduate school

"I was able to study abroad in South Korea. I tell people that Purdue is a great community of like-minded and driven people who will challenge you to become the best version of yourself."


Major: Biochemistry

After Purdue: Dental School

"As a member and committee chair for the Purdue Science Student Council, I was able to help and organize a variety of events for science students. The one I am most proud of is the inaugural Purdue College of Science Career Fair. For me, Purdue was the right choice. I am grateful for my time as a student."


Major: Chemistry, Minor: Spanish

After Purdue: IU School of Medicine

"Cancer therapeutics research with Dr. Philip Low gave me a great look into the world of drug development and allowed me to work with techniques and instrumentation I would never get to work with in an academic lab. With a degree from Purdue you can really do anything you desire and follow your passion in whatever it may be."


Major: Biochemistry

After Purdue: M.S. in Cardiovascular Perfusion at Rush University

"I had a great supervisor for my undergraduate research in Dr. Low’s lab, where I learned many skills that helped me with my master’s interview; as well as general lab work and mice studies. I have made lifelong friends and experienced so many different events here that have helped to shape my future and I am so grateful I could come here."


Major: Chemistry, Minor: Spanish

After Purdue: Manufacturing Department at Eli Lilly and Company

"Purdue is a great school that I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. In my time here, I have been challenged and grown so much as a person. Some days were better than others, but I have never once looked back and regretted my choice in coming here. I have made lifelong friends and have been to places I never thought possible. None of that would have happened at any other school."


Major: Chemistry, Law and Society, Minor: Forensic Science

After Purdue: Associate Chemist, Sherwin Williams

"Mentorship is something that is really important to me. I am a first-generation student, and my mentors really shaped who I am today. I was able to give back as a Women In Science Program mentor and Chemistry Resource Room tutor. My internships and lab research fully solidified the area of chemistry I am most interested in and passionate about, and I’m so grateful I got to really see all my options."


Major: Chemistry, Minor: Management

After Purdue: Quality Control Scientist, MilliporeSigma

"I couldn't imagine spending the last four years anywhere else. Purdue and the Chemistry Department have given me countless opportunities, an outstanding education, and memories I will cherish forever. I will always be proud to be a Boilermaker!"


Major: Chemistry

After Purdue: Assistant Scientist, Thermo Fisher

"Working in Professor Li’s lab during the past three years made me a better scientist and helped stoke my passion for research and chemistry. In addition, I’ve had amazing opportunities to be connected to the greater chemistry community as a whole through CISTAR, the engineering research center."


Major: ACS Chemistry, Minor: Natural Resources & Environmental Science

After Purdue: PhD in Environmental Chemistry & Technology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

"Purdue is an incredible place. There are so many great resources available to students, but there are still opportunities to find communities that make a big place feel smaller."


Major: Chemistry, Minors: Forensics and Sociology

After Purdue: Quality Assurance Rotational Analyst, McCormick & Company

"Purdue has made the last four years unforgettable. I have been able to work with and learn from amazing professors and classmates. The knowledge I have gained from my Chemistry courses and the hands-on research in Dr. Ramachandran's lab has strengthened my problem-solving skills and well-equipped me for the future."